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PROBLEM breath in children

The problem of bad breath in children

The problem of bad breath is found not only in adults, but often among children. And many parents begin to worry.

And, the truth, in older children should not unpleasant smell from the mouth.

And if this happens, you need to find the reasons.

In newborns and infants breath must smell like milk, because in the body of the baby in live lactic bacteria, that is suppress the development of other bacteria.

Morning smell should not bother parents,because children do not eat at night, and so little in my mouth salivate and going the "extra" bacteria. The smell will also appear at the use of onions, garlic, cabbage, cheese and fatty foods. But this single reason, which solved the conventional teeth cleaning.

When unbalanced diet can alsoappear bad smells. If your child uses a lot of proteins in the stomach starts putrefaction due to the long digestion of these foods. Abuse of fruit or beans ferment in their stomach. Cheese in the digestion can smell "rotten eggs" because cause the formation of sulfur. And because of the sweets in the mouth collect bacteria, which also emit a specific scent.

Even tension or any emotiona child's life can cause an unpleasant smell. In such cases, you can give the baby something to chew or drink, and a stream of released saliva will correct this problem.

The problem of bad breath can be eliminatedindependently. To this end, it is important to teach a child to brush your teeth, preferably twice a day. Giving it less sweet and more solid fruits and vegetables. For example, carrots or apple gums and tongue purified from plaque, which releases more saliva. If disturbances or stress to give the baby more than drinking.

If the odor remains after the measures taken, it is a chance to see a doctor.

Halitosis may be a signal of somediseases of the oral cavity, the teeth, the gastrointestinal tract and even infections. For infections of the nasopharynx typical unpleasant putrid smell that smell breeding germs. With increased acidity in the stomach breath will sour. Kidney disease characterized by the smell of ammonia, and inflammation of the liver will smell the sweet aroma of liver. The smell of cabbage is in children with metabolic problems. Even in the treatment of the common cold may appear bad breath, if often use nasal drops. Worms in children are also cause bad breath, as well as dizbakterioz.

But along with this symptom may be many others, it is not recommended to diagnose yourself only with the breath.

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