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The problem of smell from the mouth in children


The problem of smell from the mouth in children</a>

The problem of smell from the mouth occurs not only in adults, but also often among children. And many parents begin to worry.

And, the truth, in older children, it should not be unpleasant to smell from the mouth.

And if this happens, you need to find the reasons.

In newborns and infants, the mouth must smell of milk, because in the body of such a baby dairy bacteria live, which so far suppress the development of other bacteria.

The morning smell should not bother the parents,Because at night children do not eat, which means that there is little saliva in the mouth and "excess" bacteria are being collected. The smell will also appear when using onions, garlic, cabbage, cheeses and fatty foods. But these are single reasons, which are solved by the usual cleaning of teeth.

With an unbalanced diet can alsoTo appear bad smells. If a child consumes many proteins, putrefactive processes begin in the stomach due to the long digestion of such foods. Abuse of fruits or legumes causes their fermentation in the stomach. Cheeses at digestion can smell "rotten eggs", since Cause the formation of sulfur. And because of sweets, bacteria accumulate in the mouth, which also give off a specific flavor.

Even nervous tension or any emotion inThe child's life can cause an unpleasant smell. In such cases, you can give the baby something to chew or drink, and the flow of saliva will correct this problem.

The problem of odor from the mouth can be eliminatedYourself. To do this, it is important to teach the child to properly brush his teeth, preferably twice a day. Give him less sweets and more solid fruits and vegetables. For example, carrots or apples cleanse the gums and tongue from plaque, with more saliva released. In case of agitation or stress, give the baby more drinking.

If the smell remains after the measures taken, then this is an occasion to consult a doctor.

Smell from the mouth can be a signal of someDiseases of the oral cavity, teeth, gastrointestinal tract and even infections. When infections of the nasopharynx are characterized by an unpleasant putrefactive smell, which smells as multiplying microbes. With increased acidity in the stomach, the smell from the mouth will be sourish. Kidney diseases are characterized by the smell of ammonia, and the inflammation of the liver will smell of sweet liver odor. The smell of stewed cabbage will be in children with metabolic problems. Even with the treatment of the common cold, a smell from the mouth may appear, if you frequently use nasal drops. Worms in children also cause bad breath, like dysbacteriosis.

But together with this symptom there can be many others, therefore it is not recommended to make the diagnosis independently only in the presence of a smell from the mouth.

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