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Pro Tips: how to choose a processor

Professional advice: How to choose a processor

Processor - is the brain of the computer. On his choice depends the speed of applications and operating system.

But how to choose the right processor for your computer?



Select the type of connector (socket). To connect to the motherboard need to have both devices was the same socket. If you buy a computer processor for ready - to find out the motherboard socket. This can be done with the help of the software (eg, EVEREST). Alternatively, open the system cover, write down the name of the motherboard and find its specification on the manufacturer's website.

In general, the office computers normally used LGA1156 socket for home - LGA1366, for gaming - LGA2011.

How to choose a processor


Select the frequency. In fact, the CPU performance is determined by the frequency and the product of the frequency and the number of cores. This means that the processor with 4 cores and a frequency of 2 GHz will be much more powerful than the processor with 2 cores and a frequency of 3 GHz.

For the office computer the best option is a dual-core processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, for home computers and gaming better to choose a quad-core processors.

How to choose a processor


Do not forget to buy a cooler (fan) for the processor. It is installed over the processor and tightly pressed against it to prevent overheating.

How to choose a processor

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