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Pro Tips: how to choose a memory

Professional advice: How to choose a memory

RAM - one of the most important and cheapest computer components.

With the right approach to choose memory for your computer or laptop is not difficult.



Choose the form factor. The choice is simple: DIMM - standard form factor for computers, SO-DIMM - for laptops.

How to choose a memory


Select the type. There are 3 types of memory: DDR (almost not made), DDR2 - (slow memory) and DDR3 (modern and fast memory).

When purchasing memory for your computer is required toCheck what type of memory supported by this motherboard. This can be done with the help of AIDA Everest or programs, or on the manufacturer's website mat. board. Installing improper storage can result in the failure of not only memory, but also other components of the computer.

How to choose a memory


Choose standard. Standard - is the maximum speed of the memory. But speed is not limited by only the most standard memory, but memory standard that supports the motherboard (for DDR and DDR2) or processor (DDR3).

DDR For the best standard - PC-3200. For DDR2 - PC2-6400. For the DDR3 standard is not important, and so the memory is very fast.

How to choose a memory


Select the volume. Each motherboard has a limit on the maximum amount of memory. Learn it you can on the site of the manufacturer mat. board. In addition, 32-bit operating systems (Windows XP x86, Vista x86, Windows 7 x86) support a maximum of 3.5 GB of memory, else they will be ignored.

If the mat. Boards have a few slots for memory, it is better to buy a few bars. 2 strips for 2 GB will work much more effectively than 1 bracket with 4 GB.

For office computers, it is desirable to have at least 3 GB of memory, for home - 4-6 GB for the game - from 8 to 12 GB.

How to choose a memory


Select the manufacturer. The best manufacturer of memory is considered to be Kingston. If possible, select the manufacturer of the memory.

How to choose a memory

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