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TIPS of professionals: how to select RAM


Advice for professionals: how to select RAM</a>

RAM is one of the most important and cheapest components of a computer.

With the right approach to choose the memory for your computer or laptop is not difficult.



We choose the form factor. The choice is simple: DIMM - the standard form factor for computers, SO-DIMM - for laptops.

How to choose RAM


Choose the type. There are only 3 types of memory: DDR (almost no longer produced), DDR2 (slow memory), and DDR3 (modern and fast memory).

When you purchase a computer memoryCheck which type of memory the motherboard supports. This can be done using AIDA or Everest programs, or on the manufacturer's website. Fees. Installing the wrong memory can cause a failure of not only the memory, but also other components of the computer.

How to choose RAM


We choose the standard. The standard is the maximum memory speed. But the speed of work is limited not only by the standard of the memory itself, but also by the memory standards that the motherboard supports (for DDR and DDR2) or the processor (DDR3).

For DDR, the best standard is the PC-3200. For DDR2 - PC2-6400. For DDR3, the standard does not really matter, memory is working very fast.

How to choose RAM


Choose the volume. Each motherboard has a limit on the maximum amount of memory. You can find it on the manufacturer's website. Fees. In addition, 32-bit operating systems (Windows XP x86, Vista x86, Windows 7 x86) support no more than 3.5 GB of memory, the rest they will ignore.

If u mat. There are several memory slots, it is better to buy several slats. 2 slots of 2 GB will work much more efficiently than 1 bracket with 4 GB.

For office computers it is desirable to have at least 3 GB of memory, for home - 4-6 GB, for gaming - from 8 to 12 GB.

How to choose RAM


Choose a manufacturer. The best manufacturer of RAM is Kingston. If possible, choose the memory of this manufacturer.

How to choose RAM

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