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Pro Tips: How to choose a laptop

Professional advice: How to choose a laptop

How to choose a laptop - a very simple question for the technician.

But how to solve this problem the average user who does not have knowledge in information technology?



Almost any technique is first selected bycharacteristics, and then - on the reviews. Start your search with any of Yandex.Market or computer online store with the filtration characteristics of the goods.

How to choose a laptop


Select the manufacturer. If your budget is 20 thousand rubles, or below - the brand does not matter, since laptops are practically the same stuffing, differing only design. In addition to Lenovo, has received a very negative assessment in Russia.

With a budget of 25 thousand will be a great optionlaptop Sony Vaio E Series or S (the latter is preferable because of the speed and quality of the display). With a budget of 35 thousand, you can become the owner of one of the most comfortable in the world of laptops - Apple MacBook.

How to choose a laptop


Choosing a computer brain - processor. You do not want to wait for 10 seconds after each click with the mouse? Then choose a dual-core processor with a speed of at least 2.5 GHz. If you want a gaming laptop - choose a quad-core processor with a frequency of not less than 2 GHz.

How to choose a laptop


Select the diagonal. The larger the screen size, the larger the size and weight of the notebook. Pocket notebooks have a diagonal of 6 to 8 inches. The best option for your notebook - 14 inches, for a business trip - from 11 to 13 inches, for games - 16 inches.

How to choose a laptop


Select the hard drive. We are interested in two parameters: the volume and interface. Volume depends on your needs, it is desirable to 250 GB interface - SATA-II or SATA-III.

How to choose a laptop


Select the options and interfaces. Think about what you might find useful from this list:

1. USB

2. VGA, DVI or HDMI - to connect to a monitor or projector.

3. RJ-45 - for the wired Internet.

4. Built-in speaker

5. Sound - for headphones and microphone

6. DVD-drive

7. Video - conventional laptops is built in, but if you need high-quality color reproduction (or you are an avid gamer), choose a discrete video card.

8. Webcam

9. Wi-Fi - wireless internet.

How to choose a laptop


Check the availability of pre-installed operatingsystem. If it is not - you have to spend a lot of time to find someone who would be able to install it, with install is not likely to license hacked software, which then you also get a lot of problems.

It does not apply to Apple laptops that have always worth a native OS X.

How to choose a laptop


After filtration, the characteristics yousurely there are only 5-10 variants of notebooks. Look on the Internet and on Yandex.market reviews of each laptop. 2-3 Select notebook with the least critical reviews.

How to choose a laptop


We go to the nearest computer store and evaluateview of each of the candidates. Pay attention to the material of the shell, and display - if the image is distorted greatly when viewed from different angles?

How to choose a laptop


Having defined the choice, please order safelya laptop. You can do this in the store, as well as through the Internet. The main thing - carefully inspect for damage laptop (especially the screen) and check if the warranty card is filled with hindsight.

Successful to you of purchases!

How to choose a laptop

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