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How to privatize your site


How to privatize your site</a>

Privatization of the land area involvesThe transfer of a land plot in state or municipal ownership into a private property. It is best to privatize before 2012, because then the payment for land will increase.

For the privatization of a land plot, a package of documents is provided to state or municipal authorities. After 14 days, a decision is made about the possibility of its privatization.

The final stage of privatization is the registration of the transfer of ownership of land.



According to the legislation, before January 1, 2012Transfer of land plots with buildings or structures located on them to the property of citizens and legal entities - privatization - is carried out at low prices established by the state. When privatizing a site in a city with a population exceeding 3 million, its price will be 20% of the cadastral value. In other cases, the price of the plot will not exceed 2.5% of it.


Land with located on themBuildings or structures, as well as objects of unfinished construction are subject to simultaneous privatization. The boundaries and the size of the land plot for privatization purposes are determined on the basis of the cadastral passport of the land plot. This document must be received and submitted to the public authorities by the potential purchaser of the site, if Plot It is put on the cadastral account.


Land Plot Is not subject to privatization in the following cases:
1. if it is withdrawn from circulation or restricted in circulation and can not by law be granted to private property-
2. if it is reserved for state needs,
3. if there is a ban on the privatization of this site.


For the privatization of a land plot, the following documents are submitted to state executive bodies or local self-government bodies involved in privatization of land:
1. An application for the privatization of a land plot, in which the purpose of its use, the requested right, the size should be indicated.
2. a document certifying the identity of a citizen, or constituent documents of a legal entity.
3. The cadastral passport of the land plot (if Plot Put on cadastral accounting).
4. Previously issued documents for land.
5. a document confirming the ownership of the building or structure.
6. Technical passport for the building or building.
7. an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and transactions with it on land rights Plot.


The transfer of ownership of immovable property must be registered with Rosreestr authorities. For registration you will need:
1. Decision of the state body on the provision of a land plot in ownership.
2. contract of sale of land.
3. certificate of rights to real estate.

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