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How to print on packages


How to print on packages</a>

Every day almost every one of us uses packages with images on them. Most often they contain brief information about the company, products or any discounts.

Printing on packages is the most effective and at the same time cheap type of advertising, which is ideal for any field of activity.

And this is due to the fact that packages with logos do not require the hiring of advertisers and promoters, as their functions are performed by the most ordinary buyers for free.

You will need

  • - flexogram-
  • - paint on water or alcohol basis-
  • - stencil.



Print images on the packages carried outUsing the flexographic method, thanks to which it became possible to produce large quantities of products at a relatively low price. Moreover, flexography makes it possible to produce a seal that is absolutely safe both for human health and for the environment, through the use of paints on water or alcohol basis.


Before you start printing, a specialFlexographic form, which is a flexible polymer. It is then transferred to the selected image. This is done by chemical etching and laser engraving.


For each color of the image is producedSeparate form. The width and length of it depends on the size of the applied image. One form is able to withstand the rolling of one draw for 700 thousand packages or five repeated runs. This allows you not to produce a flexogram in repeated orders.


For the release of a small print run, the methodSilk-screen printing, allowing to produce a seal of 50 copies. In this case, the need to create a flexographic form, which is also very expensive, disappears. Due to silk-screen printing, high color reproduction is achieved.


For printing, in this case,Special stencils that require preparation before starting work. The stencil is a mesh. It is through it that the paint is applied to the surface of the bag.


To start, the color separation process startsImage, which allows you to differentiate the original image into colors. And only after this, a screen-mesh is produced. For each color there should be a separate stencil. Then the process of creating a print is done on the exposure device.

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