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How to print on bags

How to print on bags

Every day, almost every one of us uses packets with pictures painted on them. Most often they contain brief information about the company, product, or any discounts.

Printing on packages is the most effective and at the same time, the cheapest form of advertising, which is ideal for any industry.

And this is due to the fact that with the logos of the packages do not require the recruitment of distributors and promoters advertising, since their function is performed free of charge the most common buyers.

You will need

  • - fleksogramma-
  • - Paint on the base of a water or alcohol
  • - Stencil.



Print the image on bags madeby flexography method, thanks to which it became possible to produce large print runs of products at a comparatively low price. Moreover, flexo printing allows to produce, which is absolutely safe for human health and the environment, through the use of colors on the water or alcohol-based.


Before you start printing, a specialflexographic form is a flexible polymer. In his later transferred to the selected image. This is done through chemical etching and laser engraving.


For each color image is producedseparate form. The width and its length depends on the applied image sizes. One form is capable of withstanding rolling of circulation to 700,000 packages, or five repeated runs. This not produce fleksogrammu with repeat orders.


method is used to release a small circulationsilk screen printing, which allows to make printing from 50 copies. At the same time the need to create flexographic form, which is also very expensive, unnecessary. Due to screen printing, a high color rendering.


For printing, in this case usedspecial stencils that require preparation before use. Stencil is a grid. Through it the dye is applied to the surface of the package.


To begin the process of color separation startsimage that allows us to differentiate the original picture to color. And only after that it made a stencil mesh. For each color should be a separate stencil. Next, create a print process is carried out in the exposure device.

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