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How to print two pages on one sheet


How to print two pages on one sheet</a>

In the text editor of Microsoft Office WordThere is an opportunity to reduce the number of pages printed on the page by placing them on a sheet in book format (when several pages are placed on one sheet).

Other editors use roughly the same principle.

There are several ways to print two pages on one sheet.



Use the printer settings. This is the easiest way. Click the "Print" button or select this command from the drop-down menu of the "Office" button in the upper left corner of the text editor window. In the dialog box that opens, in the "Scale" section, use the drop-down list to set the required value in the "Number of pages per sheet" (2 pages) field. After that, the font size printed on the screen will automatically decrease, the sheet will be divided into two parts. The text in the main document remains unchanged.


To achieve the same result not in the derivationTo print, but in the document itself, use the capabilities of a text editor. Change the page format of the document from book to landscape. To do this, go to the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup section, select Orientation. Select the "Landscape" item from the drop-down list.


Place the text on the page in two columns. To do this, select the "Columns" item from the "Page layout" tab from the same section "Page parameters". Use the drop-down list to set the value to "Two". Click on the "View" tab, in the "Show or Hide" section, set the marker next to "Ruler". Adjust the required size of the document fields and the distance between the columns on the ruler.


Click the Home tab. Select text or a fragment of text with the mouse, press Ctrl, Shift and the arrow keys, or select "Select All" in the "Edit" section. Decrease the font size so that the next page turns out to be entirely in the right column. To do this, in the "Font" section on the same tab, set the appropriate value.


If on the toolbar you can not findRight-click in the document, select "Font" from the drop-down menu - this will bring up a dialog box. In the window that opens, click the "Font" tab, in the "Size" section set the desired value, close the window.


To further customize the appearance of the document,Use the editor's ability to set the desired interval between letters or lines. To do this, select the appropriate items in the menu: the "Font" window - the "Interval" tab, the "Paragraph" window - the "Indent and spacing" tab.

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