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How to print on charters

How to print on charters

Creating letters - a common problem for the organizer, leader, teacher.

Ability to print the required information on existing literacy or create a certificate of merit from the ground up will allow you to please the recipients and their families.



One of the easiest and quickest waysprint text on literacy is empirical (through trial and error) printing in Microsoft Word. Enter the text (name, surname, the reason for awarding or occupied space), to assess the situation on a sheet of a word processor, edit headers and text size using the panel "Format".


Print a document first on plain paper,Attach the test sheet to read and write. If the "sketch" accurately reflects the position of the words and formatting of letters, you can proceed to the final print. In the case of inconsistencies with the ratification of the text fields, it is possible to repeat the experiment with formatting again (using spaces, tabs, and clicking on the transfer button line (Enter)).


A more advanced method is to usesoftware for scanning, OCR and intelligent editing. Such opportunities are provided by ABBYY FineReader program. Set it in trial mode, you can by logging onto the company's website ABBYY.com.


Scan a document and save it in any available format (jpeg, pdf or tiff). Open the file in the FineReader, "Conversion" tab in the menu ( "Conversion"), select "Convert to the doc".


You will receive a document that can be editedoffice in the usual format. Open it in the appropriate field, enter the text, set the font using the panel "Format". At the end you can save the changes and display the document to print.


Typically, material from which made reading and writing,often it is either a dense or glossy. The instructions to the printer to the maximum density available, with which he will be able to cope. paperboard density - from 250 to 350 g / m2. Print dense glossy paper will help "life hacking": you can rub the surface of the eraser just before the space in the printer.

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