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How to print a document on a printer

How to print a document on a printer

In computers, in contrast to typewriterscreating and editing documents they separated from the printing process. Manufacture of paper copies are engaged in a peripheral device - a printer.

Therefore, if in respect of typewriters question "how to print" would sound strange, then applied to computers it relates to the field of basic knowledge.

You will need

  • Computer and printer



To the process of creating a paper copy of the documentIt went well, before sending it to print, make sure that the printer is ready. Firstly, it must be installed in your operating system and is connected to the system unit (via cable for printing or network cable). Secondly, its power must be on and the paper tray is equipped with a sufficient amount of text to print your sheet. Third, in the cartridge (or cartridges) should be a sufficient amount of toner (or ink powder, depending on the type of printer).


In the document should be carried out, too,preparation for printing. Adjust the size of indentation from the edge of the sheet. Their value depends apart from the appearance of the document, and even the number of printed sheets of paper copies. Besides, different models of printers vary and restrictions on the minimum size of fields - make sure that you do not specify unacceptably small for your printing device values.


To put in place an open documentPrint your printer should be selected in the menu used for editing, the corresponding item. It can be placed in different ways, depending on which application you use. For example, in Microsoft Office 2010 text editor to reach it, you have to click the big round button, which the manufacturer calls the office - this will open the main menu. You can access it by pressing the shortcut keys and ALT + F. necessary to go to the "Print" section in the menu - hover the pointer over it or press "L". In this section, you have a choice of three items - a preview of how your document will look in print, launch the print dialog, or simply send a print job without any problems.


If you choose the print dialog (just clickEnter or "H"), then you will be able to select the printer (if more than one) or in place of the printer in the print order file. In addition, you can set the number of copies, choose duplex printing, specify options for creating hard copies only the individual pages of the document. You can also configure scaling - the size of the printable area can be automatically adjusted to fit the specified paper size, or you on each sheet can be placed you specify the number of pages in the document. When all the settings dialog will be made - press the «OK» button.

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