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INTERVIEWER in the interior, or Africa in the living room


Originality in the interior, or Africa in the living room</a>

The living room is the visiting card of the house. For a person who loves exotics, innovations and diversity in life, the interior of the living room, executed in the African style, is ideal.

And certainly for any guest entering this living room, will appreciate the taste of the owner of the home.

African style is considered the most unusualStyle in the design and interior of the premises. The creation of such a style awakens in the mind a sense of the unknown, mysterious, mystical, creates an atmosphere of primitiveness and some savagery. The design of the African interior uses only natural materials, which are characterized by slightly rough shapes, but warm, natural colors.

Where to begin?

If to create an African interiorIt requires a complete transformation of the room, then it is necessary to begin it, first of all, from the floor. For this purpose heavy wooden floors, a laminate, a parquet, a floor ceramic tile or a stone will approach.

Walls must match the color schemeHot Africa, and it is represented by all shades of yellow, brown, red and gray colors. The color scale must be selected so that there is a sense of unity and full harmony with nature. Part of the wall or the entire wall of the living room can be painted in the form of rock carvings of ancient African tribes. Walls can be pasted with natural wallpaper, painted or applied decorative plaster.

When selecting furniture for an African living room, one should listen to the recommendations of professional designers.

First of all, furniture should be heavy,Made of the most durable exotic wood species. It is better if the furniture will be a natural natural color. It should be simple and should not create a feeling of clutter. Harmoniously fit into the living room will be wicker furniture or furniture made of rattan. The color scheme of the furniture must match the walls and the floor.

To make the living room natural, you need to use rugs that will casually hang from the couch and cushions with animal print. Skins of African animals can partially cover the floor.

When creating an African living room, designers do notRecommend to hang curtains on the windows. If, however, curtains are needed, then it is best to choose in favor of organza or veil of a natural shade, so that they create the feeling of a draped network.

Interior must be diluted with AfricanAccessories. A special mystery and mystery will be given to African masks, which are best placed on walls, statues and sculptures made of wood, as well as statuettes of African animals - elephants, rhinoceroses, zebras. On the walls you can hang pictures and tapestries with drawings on African themes. In addition, the atmosphere of a distant and mysterious Africa will help create objects such as a drum, dishes, statuettes of local women.

To give the interior an atmosphere of a fire, it is necessary to install various lamps and lamps, as well as burning candles.

It is very important to arrange live flowers in pots, this will add to the interior of naturalness.

When creating an African interior, you do not need to turn your living room into a wild African hut. You just need to skillfully combine comfort and naturalness.

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