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PREVENTS whether noise aerator aquarium fish

Interferes whether noise aerator aquarium fish

Care of aquarium fish is not so simple: you need to know the rules and feeding, and water features, the right temperature, correctly select the volume of the aquarium, the compatibility of the fish ... One of the main fish of the conditions is the aeration tank.

But the compressor noise so as to respond to this fish?

Do fishes Prevents noise

aquarium fish jumping out of water
Just figure out how to relate to the fish in the aquariumthe fact that the compressor noise is impossible. Studies of this issue have not yet been conducted. But it is known that a lack of aeration exactly is harmful to them. Even if the aerator is a bit noisy, most importantly, that he was constantly working.
Many aquarists believe that if the noiseuniform, the fish get used to it and stop noticing. The validity of this assumption can be verified, if the inhabitants of the aquarium to observe during the aerator. They will quietly go about their business. But if you try to knock on the walls, the fish is immediately noticed.
Thus, the noise of the aerator, and if airritant to fish, they quickly get used to it and stop responding. From the unexpected noise fish may be scared, sometimes even jump out of the aquarium.

compressor noise often interferes with a person. If you experience such discomfort, try to arrange the engine noise insulation, but do not turn off the aerator at night in any case.

Experienced aquarists note that domesticcompressors tend to be more noisy than high-quality overseas. An additional advantage of the second is a long hose that allows you to "hide" the compressor away, where it will not make noise and disturb you or fishes.

aquarium aeration Rules

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Aeration - a regular supply of oxygen to the aquarium to its residents could breathe. Lack of air content in water often leads to the fact that the fish trying to jump out and die.
For aerating the water usually usedone of two options. The first - a water pump. Usually, it is embedded in the internal filter through which water is run. Diffuzator, which is part of the device sucks air and saturates it during water purification.
The second method - installation of the compressor. It takes air from outside and supplies it through a special water spray. This device, which is specially designed for oxygenation of the aquarium.

Choosing a compressor, check out its features. It is essential that the flow of power and fit the size of your aquarium. Sometimes, power can be adjusted.

Compressor, among other things, mixing the water in the aquarium. That is why it is recommended to be installed far away from the heater to the water everywhere was about the same temperature.

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