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How to prevent heart disease


How to prevent heart disease</a>

A real scourge of modernity are cardiovascular diseases. Constant stress, poor ecology, a sedentary lifestyle - often we ourselves are guilty of our illnesses.

What to do, so that heart problems do not affect your health?



Smoking is the main cause of cardiovascularIt leads to half of all heart attacks among middle-aged women who smoke. The risk of a heart attack is reduced in a few months after the refusal of cigarettes, and after 4-5 years, the health of a person who quits smoking will be the same as that of a person who never smoked.


Keep track of the cholesterol level. High cholesterol is the cause of coronary heart disease. It settles on the walls of the vessels, as a result they are already and are unable to pass the required amount of blood.


Obesity and sedentary lifestyle makes a hugeContribution to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Over the past ten years, the number of people suffering from obesity has increased. The reason for this was the passive lifestyle of most people.


All medical research agree,That even insignificant physical activity greatly reduces the risk of heart disease. Reduces the risk of stroke and the onset of diabetes.


A diet low in fat and largeThe number of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fiber contribute to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. It's a good idea to switch to vegetarian food, because It causes retreat of the development of ischemic disease.


Eliminate trans fatty acids from your diet. They provoke cardiovascular diseases. This applies primarily margarine.


Drinking alcohol in small amounts reduces the risk of heart problems with health, but increases blood pressure and the risk of breast cancer.

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