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How to prevent heart disease

How to prevent heart disease

The real scourge of our time are cardiovascular diseases. Constant stress, poor environment, sedentary lifestyle - often ourselves to blame their illness.

What can we do to heart problems did not affect your health?



Smoking - is the main cause of cardiovasculardiseases, it leads to a half of all heart attacks in middle-aged women smokers. The risk of a heart attack decreases within a few months after giving up cigarettes, and after 4-5 years of health to quit smoking will be the same as that of a person who has never smoked.


Keep an eye on cholesterol levels. High cholesterol - the cause of coronary heart disease. It is deposited on vessel walls, eventually they are no longer able to pass the required quantity of blood.


Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle contributes greatlycontribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Over the past ten years the number of obese people has increased. The reason for this was the passive way of life of most people.


All medical studies agree,that even minor physical activity is much reduced risk of heart disease. It reduces the risk of stroke and the occurrence of diabetes.


A diet low in fat and bigof vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dietary fiber may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Not bad even go on a vegetarian diet, as it causes the retreat the development of coronary disease.


Eliminate from your diet trans fatty acids. They provoke cardiovascular diseases. This applies primarily margarine.


Drinking alcohol in small amounts reduces the risk of heart problems with health, but increases blood pressure and the risk of breast cancer.

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