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How to prevent emotional burnout


Because of the emotional problems of the employee, his career is under threat</a>

Syndrome of emotional burnout is peculiar to people working in the profession of "man-man."

Constant communication with people, the experience of other people's emotions, presses on the human psyche.

To prevent emotional burnout, it is worthAdhere to some specific tips. The basic thesis, which must be remembered: no one is immune from errors. A person can not be ideal in all situations, so make mistakes as an important life experience that will help you in the future.
Do not repeatedly scroll situationsDefeats in my head. Learn to not do this and you will become much easier. Distract from work by watching a movie on a positive topic, taking a bath or meeting with friends.
Do not overload yourself with unnecessary business. Noble motives to help a colleague at work can result in that you do not have time to do either your own or someone else's.
Do not take the misfortunes of other people on your shoulders. Let such professions as a social worker, a psychologist, a teacher, etc., assume this, but be able to abstract in time. If you feel that you take things too close to heart, then do not take it.
If you feel that you are close to emotional burnout, then reconsider personal values. Perhaps you should change the type of activity (to do paper red tape or something creative).
Try not to hide emotion in yourself. As they say, even every psychologist should have his own psychologist. Gradually tell your family about what's bothering you. Otherwise, the accumulated clot of emotions can cause aggressive behavior, depression or vice versa, complete exhaustion of feelings.

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