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Keep clean the yard and garden

Even the most accurate hostess regularly asks himself the question - where are the dust and dirt in the apartment?

Basically there is dirt from the street, in the same apartment of its forms is much less.

And the fight against pollution also need to start from the street.



Notice how cleanly removed youryard. Whether the janitor sweeping the track often? Do not throw garbage from the windows of the neighbors? If you think that the yard is cleaned well enough - please contact the municipal service. There you will have to show the standards by which works janitor. It is possible to agree with the neighbors, to your yard cleaned more often. Maybe it will have to pay, contract directly with the janitor. Do not forget to monitor the quality of cleaning. If one of the neighbors throw garbage at the door or the windows, arrange with others, find the offender and conduct educational conversation with him.


See whether the cleaning lady cleans your staircase well. For her, too, there are norms that are sure to have management utility, and cleaner, too, can agree that soap often locked. You can do this yourself. The entire staircase is not necessary to wash, but to keep clean your entryway - it is in your power.


Spread the outside of the front door mat. It is better to buy one that is well collect dust and dirt and thus easy to clean. It is much easier to shake dust from the carpet than to shovel it out of the hallway. Keep your pets enjoy this rug as a lattice, which is on the porch. In the country - put a grille at the entrance.


Teach everyone in the house to care for shoes. Dirty shoes should not be in the apartment, it is necessary to regularly wash and clean, even if it seems that there is no dust on it. Basically there is dirt in the apartment is on the shoe. In street clothes should be your place. It is better if you make the dressing room apartment. But clothes can hang in the closet. The main thing - that it does not lay on the chairs and other pieces of furniture that have been created not for this.

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