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Preparing for kindergarten

Preparing for kindergarten

Most of today's parents will sooner or later face the need to give the child to the kindergarten.

To facilitate the process for the child and for the parents should begin in advance to prepare the child for this moment.

Most importantly, what it is necessary to teach the child tohike in kindergarten - the basic skills of self-service. The child must be taught to walk to the toilet, to eat. It is necessary, in particular, so that the child can be hard to ask for help a little familiar adult. A teacher first child really is. But before reaching the pot at the time, the child will be ashamed and embarrassed. And it does not exactly add to him the desire to go to kindergarten.

Ability to independently eat also refers tothe category of mandatory. It is desirable to teach the child to different foods. Indeed, in the garden customized nobody will cook and the baby will need to have the same as the rest. Otherwise, the child may just simply stay hungry.

Parents should start in advance to tellchild about kindergarten. As children spend time there, what they do. To stories of parents were significant and waiting baby coincide with reality, you can go to the garden, where it is planned to send their children to ask teachers and detail about the occupations of the day mode.

By the way, the regime of the day, too, is accustomed to startbeforehand. To hike to the time in kindergarten this mode for the child was already familiar. The process of joining the team can be quite difficult for a child, so why complicate children's lives yet, and simultaneous application of so many innovations.

If the garden is located near the residencefamily, you can start a walk with your child about it. So the child will get used to the walking route, to the form of the garden. After all, to go to the habitual and familiar place much more easily than in a completely new. In addition, the child will see other children playing in the courtyard of the kindergarten. This may well be an additional incentive for the child to want to go to kindergarten.

Thus, the main condition for all actionsparent - the smooth and gradual. New rules for the child and rituals ave to be introduced into his life gradually, one by one. Then subsequent addiction to kindergarten will run smoothly and for the child and for the parents.

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