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Cooking salad with herring Mystery


Rarely can anyone figure out what the "Secret" salad consists of. In fact, the ingredients used are accessible and simple. This salad can be an alternative to the mute jaded "herring under the fur coat."

Cooking salad with herring Mystery

You will need

  • - salted herring - 1 piece-
  • - chicken liver - 300 g-
  • - cheese - 100 g-
  • - beets - 1 pcs.
  • - apple - 1 piece-
  • - onion - 1 pc-
  • - walnuts (grains) - 50 g-
  • - mayonnaise - 150-200 g -
  • - pepper black ground, salt - to taste-
  • - vegetable oil for frying.



Wash beets, boil in water or cookWith a microwave. Prepare the chicken liver, get it in advance from the freezer, for warming. Rinse the liver, cut into small pieces.


Put the frying pan on the stove, heat withVegetable oil. Put the pieces of chicken liver, fry, constantly turning over for 3-4 minutes. At the end of the meal season with salt and pepper. Remove the liver from the frying pan, try to drain the oil.


Herring clean, separate the fillets from the ridge and bones. Fille prepare in the form of cubes of medium size.


Onion peel, wash and cut into small cubes. Apple washing, peel, peel on a large grater. Cool cooked beets, grate. Grate the cheese finely. Kernels of walnut chop with a sharp knife.


Collect the "Mystery" salad. On a convenient dish, lay the first layer of salted herring. Spread a layer of mayonnaise. Next, place a layer of finely chopped onions, again grease with mayonnaise. Apple layer, mayonnaise. Next, put the chicken liver, mayonnaise. Cover the pieces of liver with beets, grease with mayonnaise. Continue with a layer of cheese, ending the collection of salad with crumbs of walnuts.


Leave the "Secret" salad in the cold for 1-2 hours, to impregnate all layers.

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