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How to prepare for winter clothes for storage

How to prepare for winter clothes storage

In the spring, when the air temperature rises by leaps and bounds, it is time to clean the deposit of warm suits, jackets and coats.

However, before you send things in the closet,you need to check whether they are clean. If the cabinet will be removed stale clothes, over the summer it will have an unpleasant odor, which is impregnated with and other things.

This smell is difficult to erode.

In addition, the "flavor" of dirty clothes attracts moles.

When checking winter clothing should payattention to collars, the edges of the sleeves and pockets - these parts get dirty clothes the most. To clean after gasoline is not the surface is not blurred dark spots, it is pre-mixed with pounded crackers, and a clean cloth received gruel. The dry mix is ​​easy to remove with a clean dry cloth or brush.

Collar man's suit can be cleaned with ammonia, diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 3. Such a solution is suitable for cleaning clothes dark.

Knitted and crocheted sweaters, jackets and suitsIt must be added to the packages, which are then positioned at the polkah- wool suits and coats and jackets should be hung on a hanger. For storage is to use specially designed packages with vents as in conventional bags, cellophane things simply "suffocate" and mildew can form on them.

Before you remove the deposit of a fur coat, itshould be thoroughly dry, gently hung up the product on a hanger. Keep in mind that dry skin in the sun can not. Also, do not dry fur near a hot radiator. After drying the fur the wrong loses elasticity, shine and the product simply lose presentable appearance.

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