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How to prepare for heating shutdown

How to prepare for heating shutdown

Most people each year experience a problem with heating their living spaces. The heating season is over, and it's cold outside.

This problem arises from year to year, and in order to avoid it, it is necessary to prepare in advance.



If you have wooden windows in the apartment and therethe ability to replace them with plastic, do it immediately. Many people take out a loan in order to change the windows, but in the future it can bring a lot of problems. After all, as we know from the loan has its disadvantages. And then to not regret, it is better to warn themselves and try to save money on their own. Plastic windows - a good option for insulation of their homes. It is important to find good professionals, as is the use of plastic windows, at most, depending on how you install them, rather than by themselves and windows manufacturer. It is a fact.


If you do not have the possibility in the next couple of yearsinstall windows, you need to own (own) to prepare for the shutdown of the heating season. Today on sale there are a large number of heaters. Their price is not high. Everyone, save a little, you can buy it. Work such heaters by electricity, in this there are also disadvantages: firstly, the extra nagorevshie kilovatty- secondly, it is a fire hazard, so these instruments need to be extremely careful. To exploit them should be strictly according to instructions. But nevertheless exceed pluses minuses. Since the house will definitely be warmer.


Well, the latter method, known to all. We need to warm her apartment alone. Punched all the cracks in the wooden frames with special heaters (paralon, wool) and sizing tape. Such adhesive tapes and insulation sold at any hardware store. This method does not give much effect, but retains heat for 40-50%. It's better than nothing.
Unfortunately, many people do not thinkon this issue and remember about it only at the last moment, and yet no repairs and furniture does not give comfort when home a low temperature. Fall and spring - the coldest times for the apartments. Therefore, you need to prepare for them in advance.

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