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How to prepare walls for wallpapering


How to prepare walls for wallpapering</a>

Pasting with wallpaper today remains one of the most popular types of interior decoration of premises.

The service life of this coating is determined not only byThe quality of the wallpaper itself, but also how well the surfaces were prepared: the walls on which the wallpaper will be glued must be sufficiently smooth, dry and clean.

You will need

  • - a wide brush or foam sponge-
  • - putty knife-
  • - soapy warm water-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - Putty-
  • - primer.



First of all, clean the walls of old coatings(Whitewash, wallpaper) to the plaster or concrete panel. To do this, moisten old wallpaper or whitewash with warm water or a mild soap solution with a wide brush or foam sponge, and then scrape them with a spatula. It is not necessary to glue new wallpaper on top of old ones, even if they still hold tight.


In the case of paint-painted walls, remove the paint,Using a building hair dryer: "uplifted" under the influence of high temperature, the paint will easily leave the layers. Then remove it with a spatula. If the paint holds tight, leave it on the walls. Glossy surface of the wall, painted with oil paint, peel with a large sandpaper.


If there are stains from water on the plaster,Treat them with a special composition - primer (primer) or waterproofing agent. On the walls there should be no mold marks - it will in any case manifest itself on the wallpaper. Mold should be washed off, and then treated with an antiseptic for plaster.


If there are holes and cracks in the plaster, theirMust be carefully repaired. Some experts prefer to use cement mortar or a mixture of gypsum and sand (1: 3) for this purpose, however modern start-up fillers also perfectly cope with this task.


If the walls require alignment, apply a layerPutty on their entire surface. After it dries, sand the walls with sandpaper or a special grinding cloth. It is advisable to follow the precautionary measures: tie the bottom of the face with a handkerchief or wear a construction respirator so as not to inhale the dust.


On the leveled walls, apply a layer of finishing putty, it must also be sanded after drying. If the walls are supposed to be covered with vinyl Wallpaper On a non-woven basis, special thoroughness in the alignment is not required, since this type of coating hides minor surface defects.


Remove the polished walls from dust, and after that you can proceed to the wallpaper sticker. Glue them preferably at an air temperature of about 18-20 degrees and humidity is not more than 60%.

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