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Prepare the skin for the spring!

Prepare your skin for spring!

Cold winter - a challenge for the whole organism.

Of course, all through which he must pass forlong three months, reflected primarily in the skin - the largest organ and unique, protecting our body from external influences and helps to remove harmful substances.

How to help our skin recover from the winter and prepare it for the spring?

In the winter, our skin is updated more slowly. It is connected with lack of movement, of fresh air and with sustained metabolism of the whole organism. In the winter, we do not eat enough kolichesvo seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, but the saturated fats and carbohydrates absorb more often. So start is with the gradual recovery of the body from the inside and changing winter daily habits: instead of fatty foods eat fish high in omega acids, potato garnish substitute salad with olive oil and lemon juice, wake up with the help of easy charging, and not of strong instant coffee, try at least half an hour a day to spend outdoors. Be sure to drink away the course of suitable vitamins and you pay special attention to the content of vitamin D in them - that it is not enough after a long winter.
In winter, the skin becomes much moredull, loses its tenderness, prone to dryness, and the same - clogged pores. So easy peeling with fruit acids - a mandatory procedure in late winter. Also it is necessary to use gentle scrubs, but no more than 2 times a week. Cream with dense and protect from frost is replaced by deeply moisturizing and contain vitamins, because the winter is reduced immunity of the skin, and it needs more support, otherwise it may appear irritation and inflammation due to poor resistance to bacteria.
A great way to keep your skin in the spring - itmasks with vitamins. Pick their components based on your skin type. For oily, you can use lemon juice and honey, dry - honey and cream for normal - cream, carrot juice and blue clay.
With the onset of spring and the appearance of the first rays, do not hesitate to purchase a cream with the SPF, even if small. This will prevent the skin from the stress associated with the need to protect themselves from the sun first.

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