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READY skin for spring!


We prepare the skin for spring!</a>

Cold winter is a test for the whole organism.

Of course, everything that he has to go through forLong three months, is reflected primarily on the skin - the largest and most unique organ that protects our body from external influences and helps to remove harmful substances.

How can we help our skin to recover after the winter and prepare it for the spring?

In winter, our skin is much more slowly updated. This is due to lack of movement, fresh air, and slow metabolism of the whole organism. In winter, we do not eat enough seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, but saturated fat and carbohydrates absorb much more often. So start with a gradual recovery of the body from the inside and change the winter daily habits: instead of fatty foods, eat fish with a high content of Omega acids, replace the potato garnish with a salad with olive oil and lemon juice, wake up with a light charge, and not a strong instant coffee, try At least half an hour a day to spend in the fresh air. Be sure to drink the course of suitable vitamins and pay special attention to the content of vitamin D in them - it is not enough after a long winter.
In winter, the skin becomes much moreDim, loses tenderness, is prone to dryness, and at the same time - clogged pores. Therefore, an easy peeling with fruit acids is a mandatory procedure at the end of winter. Also it is necessary to use soft scrubs, but no more than 2 times a week. Cream with dense and protect from frost should be replaced with deeply moisturizing and containing vitamins, as during the winter skin immunity decreases and it needs additional support, otherwise irritations and inflammations may appear on it due to poor resistance to bacteria.
A great way to support the skin in spring isMasks with vitamins. Choose their components taking into account the type of your skin. For oily, you can use lemon juice and honey, for dry - honey and cream for normal - cream, carrot juice and blue clay.
With the onset of spring and the appearance of the first rays, do not delay with the purchase of a cream with SPF, even small. This will protect the skin from the stress associated with the need to protect yourself from the first sun.

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