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How to prepare tender documents


How to prepare tender documents</a>

Very popular among businessmen is participation in all kinds of tenders. Tender is a prerequisite for a government order.

It means the possibility of the customer to get acquainted with the terms of cooperation submitted by the performers, not devoting them to each other's proposals.

You will need

  • - competitive application-
  • - a package of documents on the activities of the company.



When preparing documents for a tender, the most important thing- Competently prepare a competitive application. It should take into account the requirements of the tender documentation, which relate to the quality and technical characteristics of the purchased work. The tender documentation is compiled in accordance with the Law on Public Procurements and the Rules for the Implementation of Public Procurement.


It is delivered in writing in a sealedEnvelope or in the form of an electronic document. On the envelope, you must specify the name of the competition (lot), to which the application is submitted. The bid must reflect the name of the company, information about its organizational and legal form, details, contact numbers.


In addition, the application is accompanied by:

- an extract from the unified state register of legal entities (original or notarized copy) - it must be made no earlier than 6 months from the date of the announcement of the tender-
- copies of constituent documents-
- proposals on the quality of work and the terms of execution of the contract-
- documents confirming the qualifications of the declared participant.


After submitting all applications, the Tender CommitteeMakes their assessment and chooses the most optimal proposal. 10 days from the moment of signing of the corresponding protocol are considered for consideration of applications. In the event of consideration of an order for more than 50 million rubles, the time limit may be extended to 30 days.


When choosing an executor, the commission takes into account the priceThe proposed contract, the qualification of the bidder, quality assurance, the timing of the order, the availability of technological equipment, production capacity, labor, financial resources. The use of other criteria for evaluating bids in the tender is not allowed.


The winner of the competition is the participant who offered the best conditions for the performance of the contract.

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