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How to prepare tea for swimming

How to prepare tea for swimming

Cosmetics own hands - it is not only useful tools for skin care.

This is a creative and exciting activity that will cheer up.

You can make tea for the bathroom.



Prepare the herbs that have decided to usehis tea for swimming. Stir in a small container dry milled Herbs parsley, chamomile flowers and marigold, sea salt bath. You can add green tea, a little dried orange peel. If green tea instead of black to use, the skin will gradually acquire a light shade of tan. Do not damage the flowers and leaves of succession, thyme, mint, lemon balm, thyme or any other herbs. If we add to the mix a little bit of powdered milk, the tea will have a bathing softens and nourishes the skin property.


Brew the tea before taking a bath is not necessary. Suffice it to pour the required amount of cheesecloth bag and hung it on the valve so that water flowing through the bag.


This tea is quite possible pripodnesti as a giftsister, girlfriend or mother. In this case, bath tea will look original, if not to mix the ingredients and pour layers. To this is poured in transparent containers, each layer separately, alternating in color. It will be convenient if the mixture in jars is one use.

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