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How to make tea for bathing


How to make tea for bathing</a>

Cosmetics with their own hands - is not only useful tools for skin care.

It is also an exciting creative activity that will lift the mood.

You can make tea for the bathroom.



Prepare the herbs that you decided to use inHis tea for bathing. Mix in a small container of dry ground parsley, chamomile and marigold flowers, sea salt for baths. You can add green tea, a little dried orange peel. If you use black instead of green tea, the skin will gradually acquire a light tint. Do not damage flowers and leaves of string, thyme, mint, lemon balm, thyme and any other medicinal herbs. If you add a little dry milk to the mixture, then the bathing tea will have a softening and nourishing skin property.


Brew this tea before taking a bath is not necessary. It is enough to pour the necessary amount into a bag of gauze, and hang it on the faucet in such a way that the water flows through the pouch.


Such tea can be well presented as a giftSister, friend or mother. In this case, bath tea will look original, if the ingredients are not mixed, but poured into layers. For this, each layer is separately poured into transparent containers, alternating in color. It will be more convenient if in jars there will be a mixture for one use.

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