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How to prepare layered drink

How to prepare layered drink

Already with one name you can guess that the layered drink - a beverage, wherein the ingredients are arranged in layers without mixing with each other.

These cocktails are referred to as digestives - means promoting digestion.

Previously layered drink taken at the end of the party, to the body to make it easier to digest everything that it received during the feast.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to abuse them.

Cocktail "Grand Canyon"
- 15 ml of liquor "Crème de Cassis" -
- 15 ml of liquor "Mint" -
- 15 ml of liquor "White Creme de Menthe" -
- 15 ml liqueur "Chartreuse" -
- 15 ml of pomegranate siropa-
- 10 ml of brandy.
Pour ingredients in layers in a glassorder: grenadine syrup, liqueur "Chartreuse", the "Crème de Cassis" and "White Creme de Menthe", then mint liqueur. Finally, pour the brandy, mix.
Cocktail "Apple Pie"
- 25 ml liqueur "Benedictine" -
- 15 ml of apple brendi-
- A small amount of cream.
Pour into a glass layer liqueur, brandy afterwards. Put a little cream in a cocktail Center, for this, use a straw. Serve immediately.
Cocktail "quicksand"
- 40 ml dzhina-
- 25 ml of liquor "Peppermint" -
- 20 ml of caraway tincture.
Pour into a glass of gin layers, followed by liquor and brandy. This cocktail should drink when liquor reaches the bottom layer of glass.
Cocktail "Irish"
- 20 ml of liquor, "Bailey's" -
- 20 ml brendi-
- 20 ml "Wild Torquay" whiskey -
- 30 ml of whipped cream.
Pour the drinks listed in the order of layers: liquor, whiskey, brandy. Decorate the finished cocktail with whipped cream on top, do not mix.

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