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How to prepare for winter raspberries

How to prepare for winter raspberries

Raspberries in the gardens located in central Russia, winter is generally well tolerated.

But to be able to count on a future rich harvest, it is necessary to prepare properly for the winter raspberries, following the recommendations of experienced gardeners.

Preparation of raspberries to winter begins in June

, It is necessary to adequately prepare for winter raspberriestake care of her at the beginning of summer, when it's feeding time. Comply with the rules, do not overfeed the bushes. Excess fertilizer, especially nitrogen, reduces frost raspberry.

Keep the raspberry bushes was well lit, ie It was not hidden from the sunlight other plantings. With sufficient illumination bushes are strong and hardy, which will help them to move steadfastly frosts.

Experienced gardeners believe that the raspberries in winteryou need to mulch. If you use organic (conventional cow dung) recent introduction must be made not later than 15 June. If the preference is given to a conventional mulch (chips, sawdust, shredded tree bark, pine needles, straw, etc.), It is necessary zamulchirovat raspberry entire area until July 25th.

Autumn pruning raspberries

For 2-3 weeks prior to the persistent cold weather checkraspberry bushes. Determine the shoots, which must be removed, and that - to leave. Autumn pruning subject otplodonosivshie bushes and sick, weak shoots that do not will suffer severe frosts, as well as 2-year-old shoots, fruits consecutive 2 years. Do not feel sorry for the two-year, of course, they can still bear fruit, but few and small, at the same time, they actively take from neighboring young shoots of the nutrients, preventing them from fully develop. Autumn pruning involves the complete removal of unnecessary escape (the root).
Pay attention to the density of raspberry. It must be sufficiently clear and easy to pass. Too dense thickets will not bring an abundant harvest of berries, as Plants will stretch to the sun and to give all the power to grow. The fewer raspberry bushes, the greater the likelihood of a rich harvest.
The remaining shoots can bend in pairs andtie the rope so as to form an arc (arch). This is done in order to avoid damage to the bushes with heavy snowfall. The lower the "Arch", the better will take the winter plants. If undersized raspberry varieties, can not bind the bushes, they are well maintained, even the weight of a very large snow layers.

If the raspberry bushes are young, can trim onlythe tops of the bushes. Make it should be up to 20 of September. Help shoots, if they do not fully fold the leaves: remove leaves to prevent them from rotting, which can spread to the kidneys.

Shelter for the winter raspberries

The best material for raspberries is always hidingconsidered snow. This is true even today, despite the wide range of covering materials that are sold in specialty stores. If you have already established a persistent cold, and snow fell a little, take care of raspberries extra: throws in the raspberry bushes snow, throwing it back to the paths and on fences (where his lot, but he is not really necessary), and even from nearby ravines. If the snow has not fallen at all, and it's already the end of November or beginning of December, cover shoots arcs associated with straw or spruce branches.

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