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How to prepare a fur coat in the summer

How to prepare a fur coat in the summer

Winter is over, the street became warmer and nowyour favorite, but this bored for a long winter coat can be sent in a closet until the next winter. Many women are interested in the issue of storage of expensive clothes.

After all, it depends on the storage look after your coats warm vacation.



Fur is better not to put in a suitcase orbox, because they're just pomnutsya and, later, crumpled fur will be very difficult to align. It is necessary to put the coat in a paper bag, then hang in the closet. Pre wardrobe should be well washed and aired, and coat pocket or put under the collar means against moths.


Check the closet for moisture. It must be completely dry. Ventilate the wall behind the cabinet, remove even small signs of mold. Put in the cupboard of silica granules which absorb moisture well.


It is not necessary to hang up his coat in the places where there was recently held painting or whitewashing, because harmful substances can damage the fur. Do not store together unpainted and painted fur.


Good clean and dry coat beforehang it in the closet. Knock out the dust, after having covered a fur coat moist gauze. White fur brush starch. For a gloss coat, wipe cloth dipped in vinegar.

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