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How to prepare for the exam per night

Lectures, notes, textbooks, laboratory - Use a maximum of sources for exam preparation

From session to session, students live fun - allknown truth. If you are really fun and have lived up to the session about the upcoming exam learned only the day before, then you have one night to prepare for it.

Utopia or ...?



What prevaricate? even the most responsible student is a situation where the exam tomorrow, and he still? and the horse is not lying ?. And some students, this situation is generally the norm (which, of course, wrong, but who stops?). And then a familiar picture: a mug with a mug of coffee, reading the abstracts in an attempt to take on the brain exorbitant burden of a huge amount of information, the red eyes in the morning, and a tense silence in response to questions from the examiner. Meanwhile, if the matter is approached correctly, even for one night You can prepare for the exam. Excellently? you have it, of course, do not pass, but do not fall through.


The first step is to create a work environment andtune that will have to work hard. There were no noisy guests, loud music, TV, ICQ, phone. Turn it all, because there is always the temptation to? Look ?, glazochkom mail one and then it turns out that the window was morning. Now remove all the lectures on the desired object and a list of tickets. Walking should be top of the list, so by the same will be easier.


So you read the first job ticket. Now you read (silently or out loud? Who is better remembered as a) a lecture on this ticket. And now the highlight of the lecture 3 (yes, 3) of the basic proposal. This may be the definition of the rules, theorems, or anything else. But items must be three. Memorize them. Said aloud. Ideally ? in one of these proposals should contain a question examination card, so remember to be even easier. Similarly, the same way toward all the other tickets. You would think that three points of each ticket? it is not enough? It can be argued: the basic essence of the question you grasped? this time. To say a few words on each of the three points will be able to? that's two. In no case do not make on teacher's impression of a man, do not hear about his subject? that's three. And these three factors do not allow you to get? Unsatisfactory? for examination.

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