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How to prepare for the exam in biology without tutor

How to prepare for the exam in biology without tutor

Unfortunately, not all young people who want to take biology as an entrance exam, there is a possibility to use the services of a tutor.

Someone is not enough money to pay for classes is not cheap, others simply do not have time for regular visits to a private teacher.

However, due overflowing with perseverance, you can prepare yourself for the exam.

Preparation of textbooks

In order to successfully pass the exam, you shouldfully master the material, offer you a school course of biology. Refer to the library and ask for a set of books for all the years in which the subject has been studied. Re-read all the books, to refresh your memory skills. You need to understand the complex mechanisms that occur in nature. But when preparing for the exam not do without cramming - classes of mammalian and microbial life cycles need to memorize. In addition to textbooks, it is desirable to use additional literature: manuals for admission recommended by universities, materials to prepare for the Olympics.

Popular authors to prepare for the exam - Dogel, Bogdanov, Yarygin.

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Many universities conduct courses for those wishing to takeEGE. Their cost is significantly lower than individual lessons. Lectures are conducted by experienced instructors, who will try to bring you the maximum amount of information to parse complex topics in detail and answer your questions.

Regular training

With self-preparation for passing the examcollection of tests over the past years should be your reference book. Refer to it every day. Solve tests, consult the answers and reread the topics that you are not well learned. It is desirable to have time to do the job for all sections. If we can proreshat tests twice - excellent, it will take you deeper to learn the material.

By the repetition of the test, which is the first time you have written is not very good, it is better to go back a few days later - to the letters of correct answers were forgotten, and lay down knowledge.

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Solving problems

You can not prepare for the exam in biology and bypassattention problems. Being engaged in self-education, do not lose sight of them. Learn the laws and formulas that you need to calculate the DNA chain length and number of rodents eaten for a predator, located on the top of the food chain. You must be able not only to solve the problem correctly, but quickly, because it affects your results.

Popular-science film

When preparing to take the test withoutlearning, use all available materials for you. For example, a huge amount of useful information can be gleaned from the scientific and popular films, which can be seen on Animal Planet or Discovery channels. Tapes can be both family entertainment, for example, about the nutrition of young sloths and serious topic - the structure of insect eyes, the evolution of organisms. Any question about the wildlife you might get caught on the exam, therefore, the greater will be your outlook, the higher the chance to get a good score.

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