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How to prepare for biology without a tutor


How to prepare for biology without a tutor</a>

Unfortunately, not all young people who want to take biology as an entrance exam, have the opportunity to use the services of a tutor.

Someone does not have enough money to pay for not cheap classes, others simply do not have enough time for regular visits to a private teacher.

However, being filled with due perseverance, you can prepare yourself for the exam.

Training in textbooks

In order to successfully pass the USE, you mustFully master the material offered to you by the school course of biology. Ask the library and ask you to give you a set of books for all the years in which the subject was studied. Reread all the books, refresh the memory of knowledge. You need to understand the complex mechanisms that take place in nature. But in preparation for the USE, cramming can also be done-classes of mammals and life cycles of microorganisms must be learned. In addition to textbooks, it is desirable to use additional literature: allowances for admission, recommended by universities, materials for preparation for olympiads.

Popular authors to prepare for the USE - Dogel, Bogdanova, Yarygin.


Many universities conduct courses for those wishing to takeEGE. Their cost is significantly lower than individual classes. Lectures are conducted by experienced teachers who will try to convey to you the maximum amount of information, to disassemble in detail complex topics and answer questions that have arisen.

Regular training

With self-preparation for the passing of the USEA collection of tests for past years should be your reference book. Address to it every day. Solve tests, check with answers and reread topics that you have not learned well enough. It is advisable to have time to do assignments on all sections. If you can solve the tests twice - excellent, it will help you to better understand the material.

To re-pass the test, which you did not write for the first time, it is better to return in a few days - so that the letters of the correct answers are forgotten, and the knowledge has subsided.

Problem Solving

It is impossible to prepare for the USE on biology and to get aroundAttention to the task. Doing self-education, do not lose sight of them. Learn the laws and formulas that you need to calculate the length of the DNA chain and the number of rodents eaten for the predator at the top of the food chain. You must be able to solve problems not only correctly, but also quickly, because it depends on your result.

Popular science films

Prepared to take the test withoutTutor, use all available materials for you. For example, a lot of useful information you can get from popular science films, which can be viewed on the channels Animal Planet or Discovery. Tapes can be both family-entertaining nature, for example, about feeding cubs of sloths, and on serious topics - the structure of the eyes of insects, the evolution of microorganisms. Any question about wildlife can get to you on the USE, therefore, the wider your horizons, the higher the chance to get a good score.

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