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How to prepare for the exam and not fail it


How to prepare for the exam and not fail it</a>

In order to pass the exam, it is necessary, first, to properly prepare for it, and, secondly, not to get lost during the surrender.

At your service are the best recipes from psychologists.

Prepare in advance. Want to have some knowledge in your head? You need to read the text not one or two times and give time to learn new information. If you start training the night before the "day" of the day, your brain will not have time to process everything properly.
Make a training plan. To do this, you can divide the number of tickets for the remainder of the days before the exam. Give time for force majeure. Suddenly you will get sick or will there be urgent business? Teach the material according to this plan.
Take breaks and rest. Concentration of attention is not unlimited. We worked for one hour - deserved a break for 10-15 minutes. Move more often and be outdoors.
Recycle the material so that it is easier to remember. Simplify, divide, shorten, use techniques of rapid memorization.
Try to devalue the exam. Do not give the mark in the student's record book so much value. Think, do not hand over. You always have a second chance, life does not end there. If you are still very scared, imagine in detail what can happen. You can assume that you have already experienced this "horror".
Avoid contact with those who are anxious andIs nervous. If you wind your friends or parents, tell them that it hinders you. In extreme cases, stop communicating with them for a while.
Good effect on the brain and relieve stress inverted asanas from yoga. If you are not familiar with yoga yet - do "birch", which is already known from school physical education lessons.
Master the soothing breathing techniques. For example, take a deep breath, slowly counting to three, and then the same slow exhalation. When we worry, breathing becomes superficial and fast, slowing it down, we bring back to normal and our state of health.
Make yourself a "talisman". Choose an item that you can take with you to the exam. For example, a pendant or even shoes. Take this object in your hands, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a place where you are well and calm, you are filled with confidence and a sense of security. Repeat the "rite" for several days. During the exams, your shoes will inspire you with the confidence that you have charged them.
On the eve of the exam, prepare all the necessary things andDocuments and go to bed early. This will save you from fatigue and tardiness, which can aggravate the excitement. If your heart is restless, say something to someone close to you.
On the day of the exam, wake up a little earlier,Than it is necessary, properly, refresh yourself at breakfast - you need energy. Valerian is better not to get carried away - it causes drowsiness and problems with concentration of attention.
During the exam, first answer all the lungsQuestions, and then transgress to the difficult. This will help you not to get stuck at the very beginning on a complex issue and not be upset in advance. Remember all that you can remember, mentally move to the atmosphere of your room, imagine how you open a lecture or textbook. Do not forget to check again before handing over.
If your worst exam is yourTeacher, imagine in his place a good friend or fluffy plush rabbit - and answer. Just do not have to talk with "friend" youth jargon and iron the "hare" on the head!

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