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How to prepare for the exam and not to ruin it

How to prepare for the exam and not to ruin it

In order to pass the exam well, need, first, to him how to prepare, and, secondly - do not get lost during the delivery.

It offers the best recipes from the psychologists.

Prepare in advance. Do you want to remain in your mind any knowledge? It is necessary to read the text more than one or two times and allow time for the assimilation of new information. If you start training the night before the "judgment" of the day, your brain does not have time to process all properly.
Make a training plan. To do this, divide the number of tickets for the remaining days before the exam. Take the time and force majeure. Suddenly you become ill or appear urgent business? Learn the material according to the plan.
Take breaks and rest. Attention is not unlimited. We work out at one o'clock - deserved break for 10-15 minutes. Most move and to be outdoors.
Recycle the material so that it is easier to remember. Simplify, divide, reduce, use the memorizing techniques.
Try to devalue the exam. Do not attach a mark in zachetke so much value. Big deal, do not pass. You always have a second chance, life does not end here. If you are still very scary, imagine in detail what might happen. You can assume that have already experienced this "horror".
Avoid association with those who are anxious and setnervous. If you wind the parents, or your friends, tell them that you it makes it difficult. In extreme cases, cease to communicate with them at any time.
Well affect the brain and relieve stress inverted asanas of yoga. If you do yoga yet familiar - do "birch", known since school physical education lessons.
Explore the soothing breathing techniques. For example, take a deep breath, slowly counting to three, and then a slow exhalation. When we worry, breathing becomes shallow and rapid, slowing it down, we give back to normal and our health.
Make a "mascot" itself. Choose a subject that you can take with you to the exam. For example, a pendant, or even shoes. Take the subject in hand, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a place where you feel good and relaxed, you are overwhelmed with a feeling of confidence and security. Repeat the "ritual" for a few days. During the examination of your shoes will instill confidence in you, that you have charged them.
On the eve of the exam, prepare all the necessary things anddocuments and go to bed early. This will save you from fatigue and delays, which can enhance the excitement. If the soul is restless, reprimand, someone from the family.
On the day of exam wake up a little earlier,than is necessary, as it should, to back up at breakfast - you need energy. Valerian is better not to get carried away - it causes drowsiness and trouble concentrating.
At first the exam answer all lightquestions, and then transgress to difficult. This will help you not to get stuck at the very beginning on a complex issue and does not get upset in advance. Remember everything you can remember mentally taken into the atmosphere of your room, consider how you open a lecture or tutorial. Do not forget to double-check the work before delivery.
If your exam the worst - yourteacher, present in his place his good friend or fluffy plush rabbit - and answer. Just do not need to speak with the "other" youth slang and iron "hare" on the head!

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