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How to prepare for the GIA grade 9

How to prepare for the GIA grade 9

State final examination (GIA) is a series of exams that graduates pass the 9th grade.

This is a serious test and prepare for it the students are required school teachers.

You will need

  • - The plan of preparation for GIA-
  • - Examples zadaniy-
  • - Training forms GIA-
  • - the Internet.



Start cooking class for the DPA in your subjectnot later than the beginning of the school year in the 9th grade. Make a plan for dividing the preparatory process into stages. Since the DPA exam consists of three parts - A, B and C, devoted to the study of exemplary assignments of each of at least two months. The remaining time can be used for self-training students passing the test and consolidate the material.


Visit gia.edu.ru, which publishes the official examples of jobs that will be included in the examinations for the current academic year. Here there are training materials and general recommendations for the passage of the DPA, which can be used in the classroom. Also study the jobs that have been in the past year, disassemble the most common mistakes among the examinees.


Disassemble the process of passing the examinations. Tell students how to fill out forms, how many balls are evaluated certain tasks. Typically, the most simple questions, contained in Part A. If you solve it without errors, the student has already received at least a satisfactory rating. More complex tasks that require in-depth training, contained in Part B. To solve it correctly should those students who claim to be "good" or "excellent". Finally, the most difficult part is C, where the student must demonstrate his knowledge and creative abilities (for example, in the DPA in the Russian language is writing an essay on the proposed theme).


Book DPA practice exam on the site forstudents in your school. At the appointed time to the school official examination forms will be spent. During the course of rehearsal testing in compliance with all rules and regulations DPA, so students can test their knowledge to see what points can qualify and to overcome fear, which may be present during the passage of this certification.

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