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How to prepare for the exam date in the short term

How to prepare for the exam date in the short term

To pass the exam for a high score requires good preparation. However, many students take up their studies too late, when there is only a few months.

And, of course, to prepare for this time is very difficult, but possible. To do this, it compiled a special program for quick preparation for the exam.

It is based on the proper construction and distribution of time devoted to training.



First, determine in what subject you major problem. This subject should be given special attention. List the topics on which you have problems.


Second, decide with your free time, which can take the preparation for the exam. Distribute time. On the most difficult thing take a little more time than less difficult for you.


Third, prepare textbooks, for which you will be engaged. If the exam includes 2 years of training, then take the textbooks of these classes, if more, then correspondingly larger.


Fourth, prepare the work place. The table must be removed, it should be only relevant study subjects. Exclude from their surroundings distracting items such as a computer, television, radio, and others. This allows you to more quickly and work productively.


Now you must go to the immediate preparation. The first subject for the study to be the most difficult thing, because you do a lot of strength and you do not distract anything.


Take the tutorial, read section 2-3. Highlight them in the most basic definition, the terms, write them in a notebook. Highlight the main ideas of reading, and then try to retell the text. What you forget, read again more carefully, trying to better understand the text, rather than cramming.


Perform practical exercises on the studiedtopic using the textbook, let someone else test it. Then make a similar exercise, but without the use of the textbook. When solving problems in mathematics verify with Reshebnik. Try to achieve the desired result. If you can not, ask for help from knowledgeable people theme.


Read again the topic, and then memorize drawn at the beginning of employment terms. Do all the same with all subjects.


At the end of the week themed dictations on the passed themes to test knowledge and retention. Thus, you can for a short time to prepare properly for the exam.

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