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How to Prepare for Halloween


Decide how to decorate the hall for Halloween</a>

Despite the fact that the history of Halloween goes back to the ancient Celtic traditions, in Russia it was celebrated relatively recently.

This cheerful holiday can be celebrated in a club, in a cafe, at a dacha or in a city apartment.

There are fans who celebrate Halloween in the forest.

In any case, the holiday should be well prepared.

Decide where you will celebrate Halloween. If you prefer a cafe, take care to book in advance. On the night of October 31 to November 1, free seats may not be, because this holiday is becoming more popular. By the way, many clubs spend at this time themed parties. Organizers take care of the design and the program, so you just have to think about the suit.
If you are going to celebrate Halloween at the dacha orAt home, the design will have to be prepared by yourself. One of the main elements about which you need to take care ahead of time is a pumpkin. In shops where they sell handicrafts, you can meet a pumpkin that is dried and even with carved eyes. But to hope that at the right time you will get such a souvenir, it is not worth it. Drying the pumpkin for almost a year, so that in the autumn in the market choose a suitable lagenarii (preferably a few), put it in a dark ventilated room, turn occasionally - and to the next Halloween you can make a head out of it, cutting out your eyes, nose and mouth.
However, if this year you do not have a pumpkin,Despair should not be. The design can be different. The main thing is that there are many different "terrible" items. On the walls you can hang cut out of paper skeletons. A skull of papier-mâché, bones, etc. is also suitable. From the black cord, you can make a large spider web with a spider and hang it to the ceiling. Masks of vampires and head devils, chains, bloody daggers, a pair of coffins pasted on the walls will complement the interior. A stylish black tablecloth on the table will look stylish. Take care of serving. True table silver is unlikely to be at hand, but in shops you can find cheap appliances, decorated in the old days. You can find knives and forks with old coats of arms - they will be just right.
Think about what you will cook. On Halloween it is customary to cook different dishes from a pumpkin. Cookies, pancakes, casseroles - a lot of options. Meat can be fried or put out in red wine. However, the menu can be anything. It is important to decorate the dishes in the appropriate style. For example, pies in the form of bones or skulls will be very handy. As for alcohol, you can cook mulled wine or cook grog.
Take care of the costumes. In Halloween you can dress with a devil and a witch, a vampire, the king of the afterlife, a knight-perjurer, a royal, a minstrel. Whether to wear a mask depends on the conditions. If you are going to celebrate the All Saints' Day in a club where a carnival is supposed to be and there will be a lot of people, a mask is better done. In a narrow circle, you can do without it. However, a complex costume is not required at all, unless you are planning to hold a competition. The main thing is to tune in to the right way.

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