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How to Prepare for Halloween

Think of how to decorate the room for Halloween

Despite the fact that the history of Halloween goes back to the ancient Celtic traditions in Russia to celebrate it began relatively recently.

This cheerful holiday can be noted in the clubs, in cafes, in the country or in a city apartment.

There are fans celebrate Heldouin in the forest.

In any case, the holiday must be well prepared.

Decide where you will celebrate Halloween. If you prefer a coffee shop, be sure to pre-book a place. In the night from 31 October to 1 November to availability and can not be, because this holiday is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many clubs conduct at this time themed parties. On the design of the program and take care of the organizers, so you just have to think about the suit.
If you plan to celebrate Halloween in the country orhome decoration have to cook yourself. One of the main elements of which should take care in advance - a pumpkin. In shops that sell handicrafts, you can find a pumpkin duly dried, and even carved with eyes. But the hope that in due time you will fall like a souvenir, not worth it. Dried pumpkin for almost a year, so the fall in the market, select the appropriate lagenariyu (preferably more than one), put it in a dark ventilated room, periodically turn - and for the next Halloween you will be able to make her head, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.
However, if this year you do not have a pumpkin,do not despair. Registration may be different. The main thing is that there are many different "terrible" items. On the walls you can hang cut from paper skeletons. Suitable and skull made of papier-mache, bones, etc. From black cord can make a big spider's web with the spider and hang it from the ceiling. Masks vampires and devils head, chains, bloodied daggers couple pasted on the walls of tombs complement the interior. Stylishly will look black cloth on the table. Take care of serving. Real silverware is hardly a hand, but in stores you can find cheap appliances, decorated antique. You can find knives and forks with old coats of arms - that they will be just right.
Think about what you cook. On Halloween decided to cook various dishes of pumpkin. Cookies, muffins, casserole - a lot of options. Meat can be fried or stew in red wine. However, the menu can be anything. It is important to arrange dishes in an appropriate style. For example, the cakes in the form of bones or skulls are very handy. As for alcohol, you can cook or cook mulled grog.
Take care of the costumes. At Halloween, you can wear a devil and a witch, a vampire, the king of the country after death, Knight perjurer, a princess, a minstrel. Wear a mask if - depending on the conditions. If you plan to celebrate Halloween at the club where it is supposed to be a carnival and a lot of people, the mask is better to do. In the narrow circle can do without it. However, a complex suit did not mandatory, unless you do not intend to hold a competition. The main thing - to tune in the desired fashion.

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