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How to prepare for congratulation odnogruppnitsa March Eighth

How to prepare for congratulation odnogruppnitsa March Eighth

8th of March happens each year. Every year there is a question - what to give a classmate?

A good congratulation preceded by good preparation.

And this includes not only the purchase of flowers.

You will need

  • - To raise money in the calculation of at least 200 rubles for a classmate
  • - Choose a flower shop not far from the place of study



The money should start to gather about twoweeks prior to the 8th of March. Usually, no one wants to take the money no matter what, so the more time will be, the less will have to seek out those who did not pass the money on the last day.


About a week it is necessary to come to a flower shop and to agree on the number of colors (in my case it was the tulip), as well as the day and time when they can be taken away.


On the day of congratulations have to come to the store and pick up all the bouquets. Because of bouquets you have agreed in advance, bouquets already packed.


Another classmate at this time goes to the nearest grocery store and buy an ice cream or a chocolate in an amount equal to the number of girls in the group.


The most crucial moment - congratulations. The text of congratulations should be prepared in advance. This will help you to sites with verses in honor of the 8th of March.

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