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How to prepare drinks, glow in the dark

How to prepare drinks, glow in the dark

Tonic in the dark glows blue. Energy drinks with B vitamins - bright yellow, caramel and honey are light golden-yellow glow, and clear soft drinks, for example, Sprite, 7Up, Mountain Dew reflect light and slightly poblekskivayut.

If you mix them with other ingredients, are obtained magical and attractive cocktails for a party.

Frozen mummy

- 2 large scoops of vanilla morozhenogo-
- 0.5 cups moloka-
- karamel-
- Coconut struzhka-
- chocolate chips.
This cocktail will glow in the darkgolden-yellow light. Very impressive and delicious. Pour a little liquid caramel on a plate so that the diameter of the resulting "puddle" was approximately equal to the diameter of the glass. In another bowl, pour coconut. Dip the rim of the glass first in the caramel and then into chips. Get a lovely decoration, resembling snow.
In a blender put the cream, add the milk andwhisk. Carefully pour the cocktail into the glass, trying to drink did not get to decorate and sprinkle with chocolate chips. If you prepare a drink for an adult company, you can add a little vodka. Instead of candy, you can use honey or syrup and coconut replaced by a plain or brown sugar.

Sparkling Boo

Mix any juice with tonic and get a drink,glowing in the dark. The beauty is that depending on how the light falls on it, drink will look different. In the dark, it will light in blue, in contact with a small amount of light can be purple or violet.
- tonik-
- Cranberry juice (it can be replaced with grape or pomegranate or other red juice) -
- Gin, vodka or rum.
Fill a glass of juice to 1/3. Add tonic and a little alcohol. Keep in mind that the more tonic in the drink, the more it will glow. Experiment with taste, ensuring the most pleasant ratios of the ingredients of this cocktail.

Green Scorpion

Energy drinks, which is composed ofvitamin B, will glow bright yellow. There is a way to turn them into bright green. To this must be added to the drink a bit of blue food coloring.
- Energy drink with B vitamins (eg, Red Bull, Monster, etc.) -
- Blue food krasitel-
- Rum, whiskey or vodka.
Pour in a glass of energy drink. Add alcohol and a few drops of blue food dye. Mix and observe how the color changes from bright yellow to bright green.

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