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How to prepare coffee and banana shake

How to prepare coffee and banana shake

For lovers of milk beverages can advise different variations of coffee and banana neck - from the classic to the alcohol and with the addition of orange.

The drink turns nutritious, it is well suited for breakfast.

Classic coffee-banana shake
We will need:
- 2 ripe banana-
- 2 cups moloka-
- 3 tbsp. spoon sahara-
- 2 (can be a little more) tsp coffee rastvorimogo-.
- Spices on the fan.
Peel bananas, cut into small pieces,Put in a blender, pour in after milk, whisk until smooth at high speed. Add the coffee, sugar and beat the mixture again. The taste you can add a variety of spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, chili. Pour the finished drink for tall glasses, clean for ten minutes in the refrigerator.
Alcoholic coffee-banana shake
We will need:
- 1 cup of coffee (strong) -
- 1 cup slivok-
- 1 banana-
- 30 ml konyaka-
-. 1 teaspoon of coffee (instant).
First boil strong coffee. Cool it, beat with a mixer, pouring brandy and cream. Place the food in a wide cup ice cubes, pour the fragrant mixture. Peel a banana, cut into slices, dip one side into the coffee powder, put in a cup - coffee side must be on top. Refrigerate ready to shake, garnish with coffee beans on the way.
Orange coffee-banana shake
We will need:
- 1 banan-
- 1 cup of banana-orange nektara-
- 3 tsp coffee-.
- a glass of milk.
Pour into molds for ice fruit nectar,freeze. Heat the milk, dissolve the coffee in it, cool. Place in a blender fruit ice, pour the coffee milk, beat with a mixer. The consistency of the mass will be like a melted ice cream. Ready decorate dessert bananas.

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