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How to cook strong tincture


How to cook strong tincture</a>

Tincture is bitter or sweet alcoholicdrink. Sweet tinctures are usually prepared from a mixture of fruit and berry juices and alcohol infusions, and bitter - from crusts of citrus fruits, a blend of alcoholic infusions, flavored spirits.

We suggest you cook a sweet pear-currant or barberry tincture.

Pear-currant tincture
- 2 liters of vodka-
- 200 g dried pear-
- 120 g raisins-
- 50 g of wild black currant leaves.
Arrange the raisins, pears and currant leaves in a glass container, fill with vodka, close the cork, put it in a dark place. Insist one month, sometimes shaking the alcohol mixture.
Strain the prepared tincture, filter through filter paper, pour into bottles, seal.
Tincture of leaves of barberry
- 1 liter of vodka-
- 200 g of leaves of barberry (dried).
Pour the crushed leaves of barberry intoGlass container, pour vodka, close the container tightly. Infuse for one week at room temperature. Strain the tincture, filter to clarity. Pour the drink in bottles, clog it.
Ready to tincture from the leaves of barberry, drink a little, in folk medicine it is usually used as a hemostatic.

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