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How to prepare a place for the newborn

How to prepare a place for the newborn

In addition to the right of the child, the main place for him from the very first days of life is a bed.

Because it is necessary to formalize and set so that the baby felt it safe and comfortable.

Buy the best crib naturalwood and reechki in the crib should be placed in such a way that between them stuck a hand or head kid. In addition, the crib bumpers should be regulated in accordance with the growth of the child.

Location for the crib should be comfortable,warm and bright. Cot is not advisable to install the door, window or the battery. To always keep an eye on the baby, it is better to put the bed in his room.

The mattress should be of medium hardness tochild's spine is properly developed. To avoid getting wet, you need to lay a mattress oilcloth. You also need to purchase a canopy that will protect the baby from drafts, flies and mosquitoes.

To the child does not hit the side wall beds, better to close their bumpers with the usual pattern of pastel tones, as bumpers bright colors badly affect the nervous system and the child's vision.

It is recommended to pick up quite a light blanket, andif in the room where the child is hot, you can come here bath towel. And if the room temperature suddenly drops, it can be covered by a blanket baby easy.

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