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How to prepare a mask for hair from burdock oil and red pepper

How to make a mask for hair from burdock oil and red pepper

Health and beauty of your hair depends on the proper care of hair.

This concern is not limited to washing the hair: they also need hydration and nutrition. For this purpose, purchased or prepared in the home cosmetics.

Remarkably established itself Mask for hair from red pepper and burdock oil.

Features of cosmetic products made from burdock oil and hot peppers

Red pepper is unique because it is rich in capsaicin- A substance that accelerates blood circulation in the scalp. Due to increased blood flow, hair roots receive more oxygen and nutrients, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair growth and accelerates them. In addition, the hot pepper contains calcium, potassium, vitamins B and A, as well as other active substances so necessary for the health of the scalp and hair.
As for burdock oil, it is richvitamins A, C, E, PP and B group as well as a complex of mineral substances and other active elements that have a positive effect on hair and scalp. Thus, inulin - a polysaccharide present in the chemical composition of burdock oil - gently covers every hair, creating a protective film, so that the hair becomes stronger and stronger.

Perfectly restores damaged hair, strengthens and nourishes them valuable substances burdock oil: it is recommended to apply on the hair for an hour before washing.

Cosmetic means of burdock oil and hot pepper hair

To prepare this mask will need the following components:
- 100 ml of burdock oils-
- 10 grams of red pepper.
Crushed red pepper mixed with warmin a water bath to room temperature butter burdock. Nutrient composition applied to the hair before washing the head, and cover them only basal system. After 13-15 minutes, the oil-pepper mixture is washed with warm water and shampoo.
But to do this mask is recommended no more than 2 timesmonth, alternating with moisturizing cosmetics. At the request of the composition can be enriched with natural honey. Honey has an excellent effect on the scalp: it soothes irritation, removes redness and itching, as well as great fights dandruff.

Apply oil-pepper mixture should be neat, should avoid contact with this agent on the skin.

A similar effect has a cosmetic product, the recipe of which is as follows:
- 1 tbsp pepper nastoyki-
- Chicken egg yolk yaytsa-
- 1 tbsp burdock or castor oil.
The yolk lightly whisk (until tenderfoams), mixed with oil and pepper tincture. Then gently massage movements applied nutritious gruel on the scalp. Head cover with cling film and warmed towel. Keep the mask no more than 30 minutes, then wash off with warm water and shampoo.

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