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How to prepare a mask for hair from beer

How to make a mask for hair from beer

Even in the old beer at home was used as a caregiver means of hair, and also used as a mask for their growth.

You will need

  • - Light beer or temnoe-
  • - kefir-
  • - Rye bread-
  • - egg yolk-
  • - slow
  • - polyethylene film.



To make a mask for hair from beer can take any sort. Only if you have light hair, it is necessary to take lighter grades as dark beer can stain your hair.


Masks can be made different, use different ingredients, add them to the beer.
Mask for hair restoration fragility.
Take half a cup of yogurt or kefir,Pour into a container. Add the same amount of beer, mix until uniform consistency. Evenly apply the mask on hair for about 20 minutes, cover with polyethylene and towel. Then rinse with warm water.


Mask for hair growth and density.
Take a couple of slices of rye bread. Little it crumble and pour half a liter of beer. The mass stir and leave for two hours. The mixture is then thoroughly beat with a blender and apply for a short time to clean hair. Hold the mask for 30 minutes, wrapped his head with plastic wrap, then rinse all the water.


of Beer mask for the treatment of hair from excessive fat.
In a bowl release one egg yolk, pourhalf a cup of beer and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Massu beat well and apply on the pre-washed hair, soak 20 minutes and also rinse with warm water.

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