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How to prepare a cocktail of tequila

Margarita Cocktail

Tequila refers to alcoholic beverages.

The alcohol content equal to 51%, not every stand, so most of it is used for preparation of various cocktails.

There tequila loses considerable fortress and enriched with a variety of flavors.

Cocktail "Sunrise"

One of the most popular is a cocktail oftequila "Sunrise". Its color is like a sunrise or sunset, and the taste - soft and refreshing. Mexicans - tequila founders, believe that such a cocktail glass recharge and give the rainbow mood for a long time.
In order to prepare a colorful drink, you will need:
- 50 g of silver tekily-
- 150 g of orange soka-
- 10 g grenadine (sweet red syrup) -
- 200 g of ice cubes.
Now take a tall glass and put italmost to the top a few ice cubes. Then it is necessary to tilt it slightly, pour the tequila, so that it flowed into the glass on the wall. Next, add the syrup and orange juice.
Now we need to take a spoon and gently stopcontent. Decorating for a drink is pretty simple too. Take a thin orange circle, cut along the radius, and is worn on the glass. "Sunrise" Cocktail ready.

"Tequila boom"

For the next cocktail will need only 2 ingredients:
- 50 g of silver tekily-
- 100 g of the sprite.
The drink is prepared less than a minute, that's why the Spaniards call it fast.
In a glass with a thick bottom is filled with tequila andthen - Sprite (better to take Schweppes). Now the fun begins. Put the top glass or a hand towel, try to close it completely. Next, you need to make a glass of circular motion in a clockwise direction on the surface of the table 3 times, then - as many times to hit the bottom of the wine glass lightly on the table. In this case, too, uttered three magic words, "Boom."
The contents immediately drink in one gulp. Feelings will be wonderful. Foam sprite will make a cocktail of air, it is easy to drink and refreshing. The main thing - to observe moderation and do not get carried away by drink excessively.


This cocktail if someone did not try, thenI must have heard his name. By purchasing the necessary ingredients, this drink is quite easy to make at home. It is perfect for a holiday party. That's what should be in the home bartender arsenate:
- 50 g of silver tekily-
- 10 g sahara-
- 25 g of orange likera-
- 2 g of soliton
- Juice of half layma-
- 200 g of ice cubes.
If the two previous versions of the cocktailtequila did not need special tools, it will be necessary for the shaker. It is necessary to put all the ingredients (except salt), and several times a good shake.
For a cocktail "Margarita" and the special needsglass with a high fine leg and wide upper part. It must be dipped in water or juice for a few seconds, turning the glass upside down, and then - in the salt. It will turn white salted rim.
It remains to carefully pour the cocktail shaker into the glass (without ice) and garnish with lime glass circle and enjoy the fragrant drink.

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