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How to prepare a birthday gift

How to prepare a birthday gift

Birthday of a loved one - a special event, the preparation of which must be approached with great responsibility.

The main point, of course, is a gift, which will have to choose wisely.



Start preparing in advance. Buying a present in the final hours before the celebration shows your attitude towards birthday. If you want to give something really worthwhile, to have to spend some more time cooking. Week will be enough, unless you decide not to order the delivery of gifts over the Internet.


Repelled by the needs and preferences of the birthday. Choosing a gift should not be based on your tastes. If you are in a relationship with the hero of the occasion, do not be amiss to ask what he needed at the moment. Sometimes the best gift will be awarded the money, but give them only the closest friends or relatives.


Come to the present awarding creatively. Even in the case of buying a present known in advance, beating its delivery situation. Come up with a funny skit, gift description, packing for him. Giving money, never handing them without the wrapper - put in a special envelope or postcard. They may also be present, surprising birthday. For example, the change amount to fifty rubles bills, tamp in a small box and close it by tying a ribbon. When it will be open, the bill will produce something like a small salute. At this point, you can always wish for a birthday swim in money.


Join forces with friends who alsoWe intend to congratulate the birthday. If you come to mind only expensive gifts, or you know that the birthday boy something similar needs, you can create a committee to prepare a present. Combine financial and creative efforts with a few companions, and the feast of this will only get more fun.

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