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Like a cat owner anticipating death

Psychic abilities of cats - a mystery of our time!

Amazing psychic abilities of representatives of the fauna of the world still can not be clarified, no science, because it is contrary to common sense.

Today, however, it is clear here that: among tetrapods "psychics" leading position occupied by cats.

Cats and Earth's magnetic field

How to survive the death of the cat
Scientists have already proven that cats havestable connection to the place of their habitat. For example, if a cat is strongly tied to their "home", to take away to a strange place, she does not take much effort to overcome the path of more than 100 km to go back. There are lots of stories and documentary evidence, telling about how fluffy Rogues overcome hundreds of kilometers to return to the "native land."

According to scientists, the cat - a linkbetween people and an area that is beyond normal human perception. That is why their superpowers are still one of the modern mysteries.

Scientists believe that the most likely reason for thisCat behavior lies in changing the Earth's magnetic field. This hypothesis was confirmed after these animals were put on a special magnetic collars. The fact is that because such devices cats instantly lost their navigation skills. Curiously, it did not affect their psychic abilities! On this - on.

As a cat owner anticipating death

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In fact, today almost no one was surprised by thethe fact that the cat can anticipate the approach of any danger. In particular, it has been proved that before the earthquake, they have a genuine activity and anxiety. Same thing with volcanic activity: people living on the slopes of active volcanoes, is used to relying on intuition representatives of the cat family, rather than on predictions of scientists-seismologists.
With regard to the manner in which cats canpredict the death of the owners, there are several versions. On one of them, a man who must die in the near future, issues the corresponding "near-death" smell, which recognize and cats. Some scientists speculate that this smell there is a fine admixture of blood smell.
Cats, like many other animals, this feelingsmell, fall is now a riot of experiencing a panic: they start to worry, to run through the house from one corner, etc. Some people think that such behavior of their pets - is a sign of natural disasters, but after some time, for whatever reason, do depart to the other world.
According to another version that explains the mechanismcats foreboding the death of their owners, these animals developed a strong intuition. In other words, we are talking about a cat sixth sense. People who knowingly use the same feeling, called psychics. Cat intuition wonderfully adapts to the human energy field. In most cases, these animals can not help adjust to the karma of their owners.

It is believed that cats - great healers. Scientists can not yet explain this ability, but does not deny it. In order to cure a variety of diseases of cats taken by species, personality characteristics, temperament.

There already is not about magnetism, whichIt mentioned above, and the close connection energy cats and humans. If a host is present biofield approaching death, pets (and cats, and dogs) feel it. It is a pity that the words they can not report it, so to express their concern and worry by any means available to them: noticeably nervous whine (if dog) running around the house, etc.

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