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How cats foresee the death of the host


The extrasensory abilities of cats are a mystery of modernity!</a>

The amazing extrasensory abilities of the representatives of the fauna are still not clear for any science, since this contradicts common sense.

However, today it becomes clear that among the four-legged "psychics" the leading positions are occupied by cats.

Cats and the Earth's magnetic field

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Scientists have already proved the fact that cats haveStable connection with its habitat. For example, if a cat, strongly attached to its "home", taken to an unknown place, then it does not make it difficult for it to overcome the path of over 100 km to return back. There are a lot of stories and documentary evidence telling how fluffy dodgers overcame hundreds of kilometers to return to their "native penates".

According to scientists, cats are the linkBetween people and that area which is beyond the bounds of ordinary human perception. That is why their super abilities are still one of the modern riddles.

Scientists believe that, most likely, the reason for thisBehavior of cats lies in the change in the Earth's magnetic field. This hypothesis was confirmed after special magnetic collars were worn on these animals. The fact is that because of such adaptations, cats instantly lost their navigational skills. Curiously, this did not affect their psychic abilities! About this - further.

How cats foresee the death of the host

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In principle, today, almost nobody surprises thatThe fact that cats can foresee the approach of any danger. In particular, it is already proved that before the earthquake they show genuine activity and anxiety. The same is true with volcanic activity: people living on the slopes of active volcanoes are accustomed to rely on the flair of the representatives of the cat family, rather than on the forecasts of seismologists.
About how cats canPredicting the death of their owners, there are several versions. According to one of them, a person who must die in the near future, publishes a corresponding "dying" smell, which the cats recognize. Some scientists have suggested that there is a fine smell of blood in this smell.
Cats, like many other animals, feeling thisSmell, fall into the present rampage, experiencing panic fear: they begin to worry, run around the house from corner to corner, etc. Some people think that such behavior of their favorites is a sign of natural disasters, but after a while they for some reason or other leave for another world.
According to another version, explaining the mechanismPremonitions of the cats' death of their owners, these animals have developed a strong intuition. In other words, we are talking about some kind of cat's sixth sense. People who knowingly use the same feeling are called psychics. Cat's intuition surprisingly adapts to the human energy field. In most cases, these animals involuntarily adjust to the karma of their owners.

It is believed that cats are wonderful healers. Scientists can not yet explain this ability, but they also do not refute it. To cure various diseases, cats are selected according to breeds, personal characteristics, temperament.

Here we are not talking about magnetism, whichWas said above, but about the close energy connection between cats and humans. If there is an approaching death in the owner's biofield, then domestic animals (both cats and dogs) feel it. It is a pity that in words they can not report it, therefore they express their concern and anxiety by any means available to them: noticeably nervous, whine (if dogs), run around the house, etc.

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