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How to predict the fate

How to predict the fate

Would you like to learn how to predict their fate?

With this unique opportunity, you would have been able to look into the future and saw him, they warn themselves from the majority of future errors.



Learn how to predict the future using the cardsTarot. Traditional deck consists of 78 cards, each of which represents a specific event or phenomenon that happened in the past or will happen in the present. The first deck of magic cards was made in the 14th century. Then the ability to interpret the meaning of the symbols shown on the maps, it was considered a rare gift, which was available only a few. Predicting the future with the help of the Tarot it is based on the symbiosis of magic, esotericism and alchemy. Today, there are about 1,800 species of logs to predict. Each has its own system of interpretation. Therefore, to learn how to predict the destiny, select the appropriate deck and get a tutorial in which it interpreted the values ​​of symbols of the deck.


Predict the fate of possible numerologicalmethod. Date of birth of each person, his name is "programmed" way of life to certain events that must occur. The numerological value of your future is a certain numerical code that is computed by adding the numbers of your name and date of birth. A special table, which you can use for such calculations, you can find www.numerology.astrostar.ru site. The total number of your day, month and year of birth determines your character preferences in choosing a profession, the presence of various talents. Using the table, you can learn many interesting details about himself. For example, folding the last two numbers of the year of birth, you will receive a number of years, after which your destiny will begin a new cycle. By plotting the life, you see, when you are waiting for unexpected serious ups and downs.


A good way to predict the future isthe ability to interpret dreams. Gift see prophetic dreams can be not only innate, but acquired. If you have a unique opportunity to see the dreams that echo future events exactly, down to the smallest detail - this can not be learned, it is a natural talent. But to see the symbolic prophetic dreams can be anyone. Before going to sleep, concentrate on your questions, think about it a few minutes and repeat three times: "I will see prophetic dream and find a solution to it!". Everything comes with experience - does not work the first time, be sure to get the second or third.

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