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How to predict a future

How to predict a future

If you want to learn how to predict your future, try special exercise designed by the Munich Institute of Parapsychology.

It aims at developing the ability of clairvoyance in the state of cheerfulness, in the mind, without support facilities and items.



Take a comfortable position sitting or lying down. Get rid of all sorts of distractions, undo or remove constricting clothing, make sure that nobody will interfere. Try not to do the exercise on a full stomach, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. During exercise, try not to "slide" in drowsy or sleepy, or you have lost control over the seen information and distort the images obtained.


Mentally isolate yourself from the outside world,drop all extraneous thoughts, tune in to the attentive reception of signals and impulses that come from the past, present or future. Stop all thoughts and go to the standby state when the waking consciousness.


Continue to go into a state in which allthoughts gradually fall silent, and the mind to become more alert. Do not take all the images of critical signals and impulses that you will be perceived. Gradually, in the mist of the subconscious will cloud shape, the image of your future or the past. With these images will become clearer and clearer over time. Try not to analyze everything that you see, to be objective.


Very often this condition humansubconscious reveals what is hidden from consciousness, from the senses, from the human attention. During the depths of the subconscious exercise opens up the possibility of future events, come to the explanation of past events, first interpreted incorrectly or simply not understood.


Note that the first time can not exerciseout. But do not be discouraged. When conducting regular exercises with sufficient intensity will be positive results very soon, the images and the image will be clear and intense. For beginners it is recommended to practice no more than half an hour 1-2 times a week. Experienced people can gradually increase the exercise time and frequency of sessions at its discretion.

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