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Praise is never too much

Praise is never too much

The two main issues of conflicting emotions in the parents - these are issues of punishment and praise.

In terms of punishment debate is not whether they are necessary and what form they should take. Someone considers physical punishment the most effective, and some it categorically rejects.

Some parents decide all questions in the form of a conversation, and someone thinks that talking is absolutely useless.

Oddly enough, praise also makes parentscontradictions. Some parents believe that praise is never too much and are rewarded with enthusiastic cries almost every movement and word of his child. Others believe that praise must be earned and pleasant words their children hear only really achieved great success on their own.
In fact, an excess of praise as dangerousas well as its drawback. Praise for any occasion, and even in the absence of punishment leads to the result that the child grows up spoiled. He sees no need to try, because it and so praise, even if he will not do anything. There is no incentive for self-improvement and to ensure that the set goals and achieve them.
Lack of praise leads to loss of confidence in thecurrently. The child becomes accustomed only to the constant criticism, considers worthy of love only those who deserve it. Including itself. These children are growing up, very easily influenced by the person who first meet on their way and caress. Nedolyublennosti childhood girl often marries perhaps the first man who has told her a kind word.
As with many issues in this mostthe best option is the golden mean. The child should be without praise when he achieved something, and achieving even a small but world-wide child it can be very important at this time.
But the praise for what the child already knows how long ago,hardly worth it. Strange grader praise for what he knows about the baby stanza rabbit or a bear. to-child requirements still have to grow with it.
But praise should not be confused with the manifestations of love. Even when there is no reason to praise you can make it clear to your child that it is for the parents of the most favorite and expensive. Praise act and cuddle baby - are two different things. And do not replace one another.

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