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PR as a promotion tool


Today, PR (or public relations, links withPublic) is one of the most important tools for implementing strategic and tactical business tasks. Its importance in the derivation and promotion of a new product on the market is difficult to overestimate.



PR is the management of publicAn opinion through building effective communications between the company and society. The key goal of PR in the promotion of goods is the actualization and formation of needs in it. Specialists in public relations should prepare consumers for the new proposal, and also contribute to the formation of interest in it. Without this, even the most advanced goods, in which a lot of money was invested, may be unclaimed.


To create an effective PR campaign for the goods you needTake into account a set of factors. So, you need to choose the right time for it. If you start promotion very early, it can attract the attention of competitors who will be able to get ahead of you in bringing a new product to the market. It is also important to choose the right channels for product promotion. For example, to promote a product from the b2b segment, it makes no sense to spend the budget on the large-circulation publications, and you can limit yourself to placing articles in narrow-profile journals. It is also necessary to localize the PR campaign in those regions where sales are planned.


PR-campaign can be divided into two major stages. Initially, the necessary information background is created to bring the product to the market. In this case, the product itself is not accentuated. For example, a manufacturer of dietary products can post a series of articles on the benefits of healthy eating and the negative impact of obesity on health. In this case PR will be aimed at forming a fashion for a healthy lifestyle, which will create a favorable ground for promoting the company's products to the market.


The product itself is presented to consumersImmediately at the time of release of his first samples. In this case, the advantages of the product over analogues are emphasized. About the promoted goods should learn as much as possible the number of people from among the representatives of the target audience, and also be interested in its acquisition. This is the key objectives of this stage. Among the methods used PR can be distinguished organization of exhibitions, tastings, collections. Such events are usually accompanied by briefings and press conferences for journalists.


In addition to creating a favorable consumerSoil and increase the awareness of customers about the product, another important function of PR in the promotion of goods is to establish feedback from customers. This allows you to make adjustments to the marketing policy and finalize the product in accordance with the wishes of consumers. Also, building a model of effective communications with customers can improve the image of the company in their eyes and contribute to the formation of loyalty to the brand. The range of methods for providing feedback is very diverse. Among them are the creation of consumer clubs, the invitation of regular customers to the presentation of new products, the introduction of a system of discounts and additional privileges.

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