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Potted rose: caring for new plant

A potted rose: caring for new plant

Roses are dying because most of the market allowed the distillation of cuttings, all resources have been exhausted flower.

But there are also some good specimens, and with proper care will flower only please.


Pot with a rose should be put on the box thatfacing south or south-east, and wait 2-3 weeks. If the plant does not show signs of sickness, it can be transplanted into a new pot handling method, taking care not to damage the roots and the earthen room in general.

At the bottom of the new pot should be sure to pourdrainage, well suited for this purpose expanded clay, expanded clay layer will be sufficient thickness of 1 cm. Choose a new pot should be larger than the old 5 cm in height and 3-5 cm in diameter. After transplanting the plant should be put in a dark place for a day, and then be moved to the north window for another day or two.

Earth can be selected for the specializedpotted roses or other universal primer. After about three weeks you can spend the first feeding, you need to buy special fertilizer for roses, must slightly reduce the recommended dosage for the first feeding.


The soil in the pot should be moderately moist, roseslike spraying the underside of the sheet, this will suit cool boiled water, to which you can add a few crystals of potassium permanganate. In the cold season rose watered less frequently, earthen room in the dried state is left for 2-3 days. To humidify the air next to the pot, you can place a bowl of water.

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