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PIG Rose: caring for a new plant


Potted rose: caring for a new plant</a>

Roses are dying, because most often in the market lettings out of cuttings, all the resources of the flower are exhausted.

But there are also good specimens, and with proper care the flower will only please.


Pot with a rose you need to put on the window, whichGoes south or southeast, and wait 2-3 weeks. If the plant does not show signs of malaise, then it can be transplanted into a new pot by the method of transshipment, trying not to damage the roots and earthenware as a whole.

At the bottom of the new pot must be filledDrainage, well suited for these purposes, a claydite, enough will be a layer of expanded clay 1 cm thick. To choose a new pot follows the old one by 5 cm in height and by 3-5 cm in diameter. After the transplant, the plant should be put in a dark place for a day, and after the shift to the northern window for another day or two.

Earth can choose a specializedPotted roses or the usual universal primer. After about three weeks, you can make the first fertilizing, you need to buy fertilizer for roses, for the first feeding, you should slightly lower the recommended dosage.


The soil in the pot must be moderately moist, rosesLike spraying on the underside of the sheet, cool boiled water is suitable for this, in which you can add a few crystals of potassium permanganate. In the cold season, the rose is watered less often, the earthen lump in the dried state is left for 2-3 days. To moisten the air next to the pot, you can place a bowl with water.

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