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Possible causes of breakdowns in refrigerators


The most common cause of breakage of the refrigeratorBecomes a trivial negligence in the handling of the device. If the device requires urgent technical assistance, it is first necessary to determine what exactly happened to it.

Possible causes of breakdowns in refrigerators

Refrigerators can break down for a variety of reasons, but some of the problems occur more often than others.

Determining the type of failure, it must be borne in mind thatCold generators are basically a complex system. Damage or depressurization of one of the tubes, from which the system consists, leads to disruption in the operation of the device. This trouble can happen due to prolonged operation, negligent attitude of the owners, possibly the presence of defective elements.

The temperature regulator is a sore spotModern refrigerators. It is he who breaks down most often. Experienced masters know that these elements have a service life of 5 or 7 years, after which the thermosensitive sensor may lose its tightness. The need to replace the thermoregulation sensor may indicate the unusual behavior of the refrigerator when the compressor refuses to turn on or off. At the same time, the temperature in the working space of the refrigerating chamber does not correspond to the norm.

If we are talking about a two-chamber unit withIndependent temperature control, there can be a couple of regulators. You may need to replace one and both at once. It should be noted that the replacement of the regulator is not complicated, but the elements themselves have long been classified as consumables.

Refrigerators are often broken due to a dropVoltage in the mains. Sometimes even protection systems are not able to protect the elements from burnout - any parts, from relays to compressors, can spoil. Closely closing the refrigerator door, you can quickly disable the compressor - the main element of the refrigeration system. The penetration of warm air into the refrigerating chamber forces the device to operate in a more intensive mode, which contributes to its rapid deterioration. These elements are much more difficult to get to before the temperature regulator.

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