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Is it possible to enlarge the breast with hypnosis


Lush breasts - a dream for many women, to embodyWhich today scientists offer without surgical intervention. To get the desired size of the breast, there is no need to drink miraculous medicines or spend many hours in the gym. Representatives of the fair sex can give preference to revolutionary hypnosis techniques to make their body more perfect.

Breast Augmentation with Hypnosis - SafeA procedure that does not involve the use of injections, implants, surgeries. The change in breast size occurs by affecting the subconsciousness of patients. The study of the phenomenon with the successful use of hypnosis for the growth of mammary glands was carried out back in 1974.

How to Increase Your Breast by Hypnosis

Experiments with positive results forThe change in breast size when using hypnosis was first conducted in the US by scientist Richard Willard. The doctor during the sessions subjected women aged 19-54 years to a state of relaxation. Patients were offered to imagine immersion in warm water, to feel pleasant pulsation in the mammary glands. Control measurements occurred regularly, after 3 months the doctor published the results of the experiment. It turned out that under the influence of hypnosis in women, the chest increased by an average of 3, 3 cm in the girth.

The effectiveness of hypnosis with regard to breast augmentation is higher if the patient follows all the recommendations of the attending physician and believes in a positive effect.

Today, the achievements of Willard and other professionalsAre actively used all over the world. In addition to sessions, the fair sex is recommended to listen to records from meetings with doctors and at home. Hypnosis, according to scientists, allows you to eliminate the swelling of the breasts, improve the elasticity of the skin of the breast and increase its completeness. You can listen to records with hypnotic texts on the way home, at work, when watching TV, etc.

Does hypnosis work with augmentation of the breast?

Hypnotic sessions for breast growth differBy duration - the time of exposure to the subconscious is determined individually. Judging by the reviews, positive changes can be seen after the third session. And the deeper the hypnosis, the better for the patient - the mind becomes more receptive to the "commands".

Improving the bust by hypnosis includesReceiving a brain signal that promotes the production of hormones. It is under their influence that tissue growth occurs and, correspondingly, breast size increases.

Reprogramming the belief system canConduct and independently, after receiving the advice of doctors-hypnotherapists. As they say women have been subjected to hypnosis for the purpose of breast augmentation by means of hypnosis, achieved growth of mammary glands on one size. That is, if initially you had only the first size, after the sessions you can wait for the increase in the bust to the second size.

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