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Is it possible to have a honeymoon for a lifetime?


Honeymoon is not only the first, but also oneOf the most important periods in the life of a young family. This time is filled with sincere love and tenderness, during this period the foundations of harmonious relations are laid, newlyweds get used to each other, and household problems do not yet declare themselves and do not bother neither the wife nor the husband.

The concept of the honeymoon has existed for a long time,And among peoples with different cultures and traditions. It is obvious that the "honey" month was named because it is the most pleasant period of marriage and young spouses spend this time alone, enjoying communication and living together. It is generally accepted that most couples spend their honeymoon away from home, relatives and friends, on a romantic journey.

"After the median" period of a young family

But the honeymoon ends sooner or later,The newlyweds return to real life and in most cases from their life goes not only romance, but also a feeling of love, euphoric happiness. And many of them are wondering how to maintain the old relationship and whether it is possible to extend the honeymoon for life?

When the love relationship is only tied,Partners are in high spirits, try to look good and be as friendly and helpful to each other as possible. But after the coveted stamp appeared in the passport, most of them believe that it is no longer necessary to exert any effort - the object of attention has been won and the desired one has been received. They become what they really are, and character traits are not always only good and disappointment comes, a fairy tale leaves, euphoria disappears. But to preserve and multiply feelings, not to lose the novelty in the relationship, even after many years, under the power of any married couple, if, of course, this desire is reciprocal.

A look from both sides

Men and women differently imagineMarriage and see the beginning of family life. A woman, as a rule, wants to keep relations as they were before marriage - still receive compliments from the man, flowers and gifts. For her, this behavior confirms that her partner still loves her. Men are more rational and the very presence of a stamp in their passport is a confirmation of eternal love, and the candy-bouquet period for them ends with a honeymoon.

The honeymoon has ended, gray everyday life has come,Lovers are seen daily, spend a lot of time together, and not always they are in a good mood, as a result of monotony and monotony in life, emotional fatigue sets in. And what it will lead to depends on both partners, on their desire to prolong sensuality, to preserve the marriage.

How to keep love for a long time

Throughout the marriage partners expectSeveral psychological crises, which, unfortunately, can not be overcome by everyone. A year later, the so-called crisis of the first year comes, which serves as the beginning of testing the marriage for strength. Conflicts in the family are inevitable, but if the spouses are able to listen and understand each other, each quarrel will lead only to a new solution, a new stage in the relationship.

To preserve family relationships, you needLearn to negotiate with each other, find compromise solutions. At first glance, it may seem that a concession in a dispute infringes on one's own interests, but this is not so and it's not worth worrying about it. If the feelings are sincere, then, as soon as one of the spouses takes at least a small step to meet, the partner will immediately respond and will necessarily reciprocate.

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