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Pop-ups: how to close the stimulus


Blocking pop-ups is one of the functionsInternet Explorer, implemented in Windows XP, and enabled by default. This allows you to get rid of automatic and background pop-ups, but does not affect the windows opened by the user.

Pop-ups: how to close the stimulus

You will need

  • - Windows XP.



Click the "Start" button to enter the main menuSystem and go to "All Programs" to disable the possibility of pop-ups. The need for this operation can only occur if the default blocking of pop-up windows is previously disabled.


Open Internet Explorer and select "Pop-up Blocker" in the "Tools" menu window Application.


Specify the item "Enable blocking of pop-upsWindows "or" Disable pop-up blocking "in the opened dialog box and click OK. Another way to manage this management function is to use window "Browser Options".


Return to the main menu "Start" and go to "All Programs".


Open the Internet Explorer application and select "Internet Options" in the "Tools" menu window programs.


Go to the "Privacy" tab and check the "Block pop-up" box window"To disable the display or uncheck the box to allow the display.


Select the option "Pop-up blocker settings" in the "Block pop-ups" section of the "Tools" menu in the Internet Explorer application.


Enter the Web site address in the "Allowed Web site address" field to allow pop-ups to appear from the selected Web site and click the "Add" button.


Select "High: Block all pop-ups" window (Ctrl to overlap) to disable pop-up windows and click the "Close" button.


Check the "Beep if a pop-up window is blocked" check box to configure the alert sound and click the "Close" button.

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